Sunday's Holtz Notes And Quotes - Post Vandy

Lou Holtz spoke with the media by phone briefly on Sunday to talk about the victory over Vanderbilt and the upcoming game with Georgia. It was short and sweet. He is not revealing a lot heading into the UGA contest ..

4:20 P.M. Sunday Posting:

Injuries - Cory Boyd - Ankle Day to Day, Gonzie Gray Knee - Day to Day, Darrell Shopshire calf - Day to Day, Chris White - lower leg bruise - Day to Day.

Beth Holtz came to Columbia to wait out Hurricane Francis rather than staying in Orlando as she did with Charlie.


Coach Holtz - Sunday - Post Vanderbilt

" ... the backs ran well and we came off the ball decent, not great, but it's an improvement. We were very patient running the ball. Patience more than anything else."

"Troy Williamson is not just a receiver he is a football player. He had a couple of great blocks."

About there not being enough Gamecocks on the preseason all star lists: "I think we've got some pretty good football players here. I can't say how many all conference players we have but we have a lot of players who can play in the SEC."

About changing QBs in the middle of a series: "Never done it in the middle of the series but I just think it is the right thing to do. It's not a case of where you are under center all the time where you worry about the snap (exchange)."

"I'm going to make a decision on place kicking and once I do we're going to stick with it. I didn't want to give them anything to hit outside of the 20, let's build their confidence. It wasn't like we were trying 45 yarders. But right now I don't know anything about place kicking, right now I just don't know."

On the communication between him and Skip at Vandy: "It's never worked any smoother or simpler than it did yesterday. When you control the line of scrimmage you can lay in a hospital bed and call the plays in."

"I think Georgia is probably the best coached defense that I have seen in a long time. They are very physical, they tackle well and they run extremely well. It is a tribute to their coaching staff."

"I think the two guys that have to step to the forefront for us are Travis Lee and Sidney Rice. I talked to them after the game and I told them they have to mature a little bit quicker."

"Antonio Lamar is just learning the system and right now we have not had the time to get him the reps that he needs. Right now we do not have a fullback per se but that does not mean we're not still looking."

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