Lou Holtz Press Conference

Columbia, SC - The following are opening quotes from the Lou Holtz press conference held Monday, September 13 ...

-As disappointed as we all are, we didn't lose that football game. Georgia won it; Georgia played an excellent football game. I thought we played well.

-Almost every major mistake was created by a great play. I think that Dondrial (Pinkins) fumble, we got hit by two safeties. I mean they were the safeties. The same thing with Marcus Lawrence and their receiver to create the fumble. It was just a hard hitting game.

-Everybody played well. Some people were exceptional. On offense we had Troy Williamson, obviously, and Corey Boyd. I thought those two people were exceptional. Jabari Levey played well; you can go all the way down the list. Defense, the same thing. Several people stood out on defence. I think you have to look at Ko Simpson. You also have to look at Ricardo Hurley. I thought Ricardo played excellent.

-Still we made too many mistakes that hurt us in the long run. Some were obvious and some aren't.

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