Rooster Report: 14 September 2004

Information and answers to questions our Premium Subscribers have been asking ...

I've received a number of inquiries as to why Noah Whiteside and Travis Lee did not play Saturday. For the moment it is sufficient to say that it appears that he/they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Guilty or innocent, as a representative of the University of South Carolina football program you have to make proper decisions. And that includes deciding where you go and who you are with at all times. With that understood there also are times when the coaches should be allowed to release information once they are ready - once the time is right and once all facts are in. The coaches have asked us to honor their need to gather the facts and make their decision before disclosing details to the public. We are going to continue to honor that request until an official statement is released. Until then we hope our fans on the message boards will do likewise. An official statement is coming.

Are you beginning to worry about Demetris Summer's durability? I am. He's had a concussion, a groin pull and now an ankle problem. Big time backs do not have that many injuries in the course of only 13 games. When Lou was asked about Meat's injury proneness he replied in what I took to be a rather terse and telling tone.

"He's a very good back but if he can't play I'll find another one"

You decide. Those are Lou's words.

Last week I mentioned that a deal had been brokered for a new baseball stadium and that an announcement was coming within a couple of days. Two days later it was officially announced. This week I can tell you that the new University of South Carolina baseball stadium will be the finest in the SEC if not the country once completed ... at least that is the goal and there is no reason to expect any less. As of this moment I understand that the first game will not be played in the new stadium until the opener of the 2006 season. Also, Ray Tanner is ecstatic, happy, thrilled, anxious and giddy all wrapped into one. He'll be here for a long time.

Troy Williamson is still dodging the media. There are those that are trying to force him to talk by cornering him, but we are going to stay away until he is comfortable with talking to the fans once again. It's the least we can do given the way he is playing - why jinx him? Whatever Coach Stockstill has done with Troy it appears to be working.

I want to personally apologize for the refresh issues we are having on the front page. We are working on those and they should be corrected any hour now. The network is gradually changing the format of all the sites and once that is implemented all of these refresh problems should go away.

Defensive Coordinator Rick Minter asked me to relay something to the fans. Here it is word for word.

Coach Rick Minter
"I want to tell the fans that they absolutely helped us against Georgia. These fans are everything I have heard about and more. I mean I have seen it on TV in past years, and they came to support us. Hopefully at times we gave them things to cheer about and we will continue to strive to do that as this season progresses. You know this place was voted not only one of the better venues to play in but also one of the tougher places to play in the entire country. We gotta keep getting our fans excited about football - be it the defense, offense or the kicking game ... and our fans will stay behind us. I know they will. They are relentlessly loyal and I really appreciated them against Georgia. They really helped us out there. Our fans are everything I've ever heard about and more. This is a great atmosphere to play a college football game and our fans are the reason why. They need to know that."

- Rooster

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