Nation Exclusive: Blake Mitchell

Blake Mitchell is the unknown quarterback. We all know who he is but none of us really know what he is truly capable of - all we know is the hype that surrounded his signing. The Ole Miss game gave us a taste, but there are still so many questions that have yet to be answered. In this interview we tried to answer a few ...

Rooster: Blake you got some playing time against Ole Miss and a touchdown out of it as well ... is that a signal that the light is coming on and you are starting to become more comfortable out there?

Blake Mitchell: Yeah I am. I just went out there and executed the plays as naturally as possible without thinking about it too much. I just wanted to do what I was supposed to do.

Rooster: How do you take the Ole Miss loss?

Blake: It was pretty bad but we have gotten over it. I mean you just have to move on and focus on Kentucky and we are doing that.

Rooster: Did the team underestimate Ole Miss?

Blake: No, definitely not. They just outplayed us and made the plays when they needed to and we did not. I mean we did make some big plays ... they just made more than we did. Ole Miss really played great on offense.

Rooster: Is that a wake up call for the rest of the season?

Blake: Not so sure about that ... because we worked hard last week and we are still working hard this week. We've just got to make the plays. We have to continue to prepare for each new challenge in this week, you can never dwell on the one in the past.

Rooster: Let's put a question to rest right now, one way or the other. Is this rumor or is this fact? Are your father and you thinking of transfering if you do not get more playing time?

Blake: Let me answer that this way. I ain't going anywhere.

Rooster: Ok then, you are saying that from this point forward there will be no more rumors, no more talk, about Blake Mitchell transferring anywhere?

Blake: That's right.

Rooster: Are you happy here?

Blake: Yeah, I am. I just need to learn to be more patient. I think my time will come.

Rooster: Are you looking forward to a chance to gain more experience as this season progresses?

Blake: Right now it's Syvelle and Dondrial and they are doing a great job even though I know right now Dondrial is hurt. So I just need to stay focused and wait my turn. I have a feeling they might try to sneak me in there a few more times this season though. :::: big smile ::::

Rooster: That's good to hear - good to hear you are looking at it that way. The fans will be happy to read that. Thanks Blake.

Blake: Thank you.

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