Fan Attendance Saturday A Must

While the faithfulness of Gamecock fans has come under fire recently, most know the Iron Fans of College football will be out in full force come this Saturday's play against the RazorBacks of Arkansas. This week's came is critical for the University, the players, the coaches, and the fans. Here's why ...

A bitter taste in your mouth is best removed by sampling something sweet. Nothing would be sweeter than the sweet taste of victory over Arkansas. This is a long contested battle between the squads with plenty of bad blood as the primary motivator. The Gamecocks are ready for this one and are anxious to put last week behind them in unquestionable fashion. You want to be there to see it happen.

It is also senior week. Gamecock fans will have an opportunity to thank the twenty-four young men that have given the past few years of their lives to wearing garnet and black. We must have a huge number of fans in attendance willing to stand and cheer for these players. Anything less than that is completely unacceptable. So keep your seats ladies and gentlemen and prepare to sway the stadium for these very deserving athletes.

We will have representatives from the OutBack Bowl, Peach Bowl, Independence Bowl and CapitalOne Bowl in attendance for Saturday's game. Should Lou Holtz's squad capture their sixth season victory and become bowl eligible, these representatives want to know that a loyal fan base will follow. How will we answer them? Leave the sixth victory to the guys on the field and put yourself in the stands if you want to go Bowling for the Holidays.

The University of South Carolina will also dedicate this final game to the United States Military. The stands will be packed with young men and women that currently serve the greatest nation on earth. With the current situation in the Middle East and the 2004 election recently behind us, this is the perfect opportunity for all Gamecock fans to stand in appreciation.

The student-athlete community will also be sponsoring a non-perishable canned food drive prior to Saturday's game. All items will be donated to the Harvest Hope Food Bank in Columbia. The holidays are quickly approaching. There are many, many families in our own backyards that will never know the luxury of spending money on football tickets. Families that can't feed their children. Those of us that attend the games are very fortunate. Put a few extra cans of food in the car on the way to your tailgate and drop them off for folks far less fortunate than we are.

OK Gamecock fans. There's the case for attending the game on Saturday. A victory over Arkansas, a Bowl bid, farewell to our seniors, American Patriotism at its finest and the opportunity to help families that truly need it. What more is there?

See you at the Williams-Brice!

Go Cocks!

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