Profiling the Bowl Games

What we know for certain is that the Peach Bowl is played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. This year's game will take place on New Year's Eve. We know last year's Peach Bowl, which was played on January 2nd of this year and saw the largest crowd ever (75,125) assembled for a sporting event in the Georgia Dome. Most of us remember the trouncing Clemson Tigers put on the Volunteers from Tennessee in the 27-14 final score...

The Peach Bowl typically plays the team ranked third, fourth or fifth in the SEC. It boasts the most competitive bowl with an average point difference of 6.86 over the last fifteen years. It is the ninth oldest bowl in college football history and is the only bowl which guarantees a head to head match up between the SEC and ACC conferences.

What we don't know is which teams will compete in this year's match up. Some early speculations include Florida and Miami. IF the University of Florida can beat the USC Gamecocks in this Saturday's game and IF the University of Miami continues to lose, it is possible that the Peach Bowl would see a dream contest between the Gators and the Canes. That being said, the faithful of South Carolina are advising the Gators not to start packing just yet. Florida's single appearance in the Peach Bowl was in 1981 and saw the Gators lose to West Virginia by a score of 26-6.

Other speculation is running towards the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Bowl scouts indicate that their lack of bowl appearances over the past two years and the traditional support from the fan base would make Bama an excellent pick. Alabama has never attended the Peach Bowl. Early predictions would see Bama face off against either Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami or Florida State. Alabama must face LSU on the road this week and follow that one with a home game against Auburn.

SEC standings as of 11-07-04 are:
SEC East
Georgia (6-1)
Tennessee (5-1)
South Carolina (4-3)
Florida (3-4)
Vanderbilt (1-5)
Kentucky (0-6)
*Georgia plays Auburn this week, followed by an open week and concludes their season in non-conference play against Georgia Tech. Tennessee is idle this week and then faces it's final two conference games against Vanderbilt and Kentucky. The USC/Florida game is the last conference game for both schools and will determine the final rankings for the conference. It is also Homecoming weekend for the Gators.

SEC West
Auburn (6-0)
LSU (3-2)
Alabama (3-3)
Ole Miss (2-3)
Arkansas (1-4)
Miss State (2-4)

USC competed in the 1969 Peach Bowl and saw a 14-3 defeat at the hands of West Virginia.

The Peach Bowl Committee will announce its selection on December 5th. The game will be carried on ESPN.

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