Something to Talk About

Today message boards exploded and the primary focus was on USC...

Gamecock fans have been joined by hundreds of visitors on the message boards as news of the imminent coaching change breaks nationwide. With a high level of confidence, the Gamecock faithful are pondering the implications of a Spurrier led squad for 2005. Fans are also giving credit where credit is due, and that is to Lou Holtz himself. While fans are excited about "the old ball coach" and what he brings to the table, they also know it would not have been possible had it not been the heartfelt desire of Coach Holtz.

USC fans are not the only ones talking. Perusing the various other message boards around the network, it has been interesting to read what "they" have to say about the situation. If you haven't done this yourself, we'd certainly recommend it!

Comments from outsiders have fallen into three main categories:

1. Rival fans that aren't the slightest bit concerned about Spurrier to USC. People that believe if Lou Holtz couldn't get the job done, Steve won't be able to either. These people truly believe that while Spurrier may yet improve the program slightly, he'll never be able to make true conference contenders out of the Cocks. Maybe these fans are wishful thinkers. Maybe they don't realize how far Lou Holtz has brought this program. Maybe these fans have failed to consider the difference between the program Lou Holtz inherited and the one Steve Spurrier is about to inherit. Maybe they're just arrogant. We'll see.

2. Then there's the group of rival fans that are thrilled for the Gamecocks and Spurrier. Many a message has been posted today claiming that the arrival of Spurrier back in the SEC is good for all of us. People that believe it will elevate the overall quality of the conference bringing with it more national respect, more television coverage and better rivalries. People who believe that the SEC East will now become the "be all and do all" of college football. These folks are anxiously looking forward to the hype of the Spurrier improvements to their games with us in the future. We'll see.

3. Then there's the third group. People who are ready to slit their wrists over the prospects of Spurrier leading the Gamecocks. People that are dreading the impact this change will have on recruiting within the conference. People that are already predicting their squad's losses to USC in the future. People that fear the new competitiveness within the conference. People that expect Spurrier to come in ready to take names and not hostages. Rival fans that are positively quivering. Maybe they lack confidence in their own squads now. Maybe they are people that are just prone to panic. Maybe, just maybe, they're right. We'll see.

One thing's for sure, the Iron Fans of college football have been taken off Death Watch and are now floating on Cloud Nine. While there are many factors that are unclear and much speculation about the specifics, Gamecock fans everywhere are excited about the possibilities. They are also in deep appreciation to Lou Holtz for his commitment to the team, the University and the fans. We would not be where we are today, nor would our future look as bright if it weren't for the legendary, Lou Holtz.

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