Earlier this afternoon, the University of South Carolina released a statement regarding an incident that occurred at Williams-Brice Stadium Nov. 22, 2004. Here are statements from USC Director of Athletics Mike McGee and Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier related to this situation...

"USC Law Enforcement has worked with the athletics department during this review and has determined that charges will be filed against six of our former or current football student-athletes. Regrettably, a few of our student-athletes made a very poor decision during the course of a frustrating situation and they must now face the consequences. Unfortunately, based upon the information we had at the time, the athletics department initially made an inaccurate assessment that five pieces of the video/computer equipment had been returned. When that error was discovered, it was reported. University Law Enforcement has informed us that the final laptop has been recovered. As I previously stated, as Director of Athletics, I accept responsibility for that mistake.

The returning players who face misdemeanor charges will be suspended from the team until resolution has occurred, at which time their status will be reevaluated. Related to this incident, Woodly Telfort had previously been suspended indefinitely from the team." Mike McGee, Director of Athletics

"This incident at the stadium unfortunately is part of the aftermath of the brawl which took place during the Clemson game followed by the announcement that our team wouldn't be going to a bowl game. A few of our players made a terrible decision on how to deal with their frustrations. My philosophy as a coach has always been to allow the University and campus law enforcement to handle all aspects of any investigation and we fully support their decision with this. The current members of the team who were involved have been suspended. Hopefully, we'll never have a situation like this happen again." Steve Spurrier, Head Football Coach

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