O.J. Murdock Interview On Sports Talk

O.J. Murdock was interviewed by Phil Kornblut, the long time host of Sports Talk heard throughout the state of South Carolina weeknights from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. It was an interview worth recording. With compliments of Phil Kornblut, we provide a transcript of the interview for you here ...

Korn: O.J. Murdock joins us now from his home in Tampa.

O.J.: Hey Gamecocks, how ya doin'! It's O.J. Murdock from Tampa, future wide receiver, future All-American wide receiver.

Korn: I think they're going to like that. OK, O.J., tell us how you ended up picking the Gamecocks over Florida, over Miami and over Florida State.

O.J.: It's all about Steve Spurrier. I mean he's an awesome guy. You'll have a guy like that just come in and change a program around like he's gonna do in the next couple of years. I mean he's gonna light it up you best believe that.

Korn: What is your greatest strength as a wide receiver?

O.J.: It has to be my speed. I mean it's gotta be by far. My ability to catch the ball and outrun defenders is amazing and I hope I'll be able to do that in Columbia.

Korn: Have you ever been caught from behind?

O.J.: Oh No Sir, never.

Korn: What is your favorite route?

O.J.: It was have to be two, my nine route and my deep post route.

Korn: Do you have good hands?

O.J.: Of course, or else I wouldn't be playing receiver.

Korn: I mean do you drop many balls?

O.J.: I may drop one every now and then when I am trying to get back in shape, in football condition, but I get back in football shape pretty quick.

Korn: Do you have any fear of going over the middle to catch a ball?

O.J.: Oh no sir. We have a number of across the middle routes that we run down here in Tampa and I am never scared to go across the middle.

Rich Taylor: O.J. I was wondering if you got a good indication from Coach Spurrier that you were going to have an opportunity to play right away?

O.J.: Oh yes sir. I mean because Troy Williamson left last year and the leading receiver coming back is Noah Whiteside and he only had something like 20-23 receptions. All the other receivers had something like 5-4. So just hearing that from him I knew I would have the opportunity to come in and play right away. All the other receivers are like 6-4 or 6-5 220 type guys and he said some of those would probably be moved to tight end so hopefully I'll be able to come in right away and light things up.

Rich Taylor: O.J there's a lot of talent in the state of Florida down there in the area where you are. Are you going to make it your mission to get some of those players down there that you are good friends with to come to The University of South Carolina to be a Gamecock?

O.J.: Oh yes sir, definitely. I mean Stoney Woodsen did it and he is going to be an outstanding defensive back for us. And my brother, he's coming up here hopefully. I mean there are a lot of guys down here interested in leaving the state, Florida athletes. Hopefully in a couple of years after South Carolina wins championships after championships we'll be able to take more of them out of Florida.

K-Mack: Is your nickname "The Juice" too.

O.J.: Yes, my nickname is The Juice.

Korn: You are named after O.J. Simpson right?

O.J.: Yes

Korn: You mentioned your brother. Is he a player?

O.J.: He'll be a junior this year at Middleton but last year he had four picks and three touchdowns returned from those picks.

Korn: You mentioned the student body at the basketball game chanting your name. Tell us about that.

O.J.: Oh! I was walking down the steps at the basketball game after dinner and they were chanting something and I couldn't hear them. But after awhile I started hearing "O.J." and chill bumps started running up and down my legs and my arms. It was amazing. I never experienced anything like that.

Rich Taylor: What are you hearing from the staff about who is going to get you the ball at quarterback next season?

O.J.: Well I know we have one 3 or 4 star quarterback returning in Blake Mitchell. We'll get a quarterback, I'm not worried about that because if you no Steve Spurrier then you know he'll get a quarterback. Gamecock fans need to stay tuned in. To hear the entire interview access the following link and scroll ahead to the 18:00 minute mark in the show. Sports Talk On Broadcast Monsters Dot Com

Thank you very much to Phil Kornblut for allowing us to post this much of the interview.

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