Cory Boyd Suspended

Steve Spurrier sent out another message to his team today. Play within the rules of the program or don't play at all. Cory Boyd, the other (remaianing) half of the dynamic-duo set of young running backs Spurrier inherited from Lou Holtz, has been offially suspended from the South Carolina football team ...

Michelle Schmitt, acting Director of Sports Information for the football team at USC, said today that Cory Boyd is not presently a part of the football team. Steve Spurrier has stated that the suspension is not academic related. Spurrier chose to simply qualify the terms of the suspension as, "Boyd has issues he is working on."

Schmitt went on to say that Boyd is still enrolled in school and is a part of the USC student body and is attending classes, but he is not a part of the football team.

Boyd was one of seven members of the football team not associated with summer workouts last year under then head coach Lou Holtz. Holtz has forbid seven players from working out with the rest of the football team because of their unwillingness to attend regularly scheduled morning workouts and runs. Two of the other players Holtz blocked were Demetrius Summers and Moe Thompson, both of whom have since been dismissed by Steve Spurrier.

Cory Boyd's suspension makes it a baker's dozen for the Gamecock football program since Steve Spurrier's arrival and his subsequent clean-up efforts directed at getting his players under control and following instructions. Most fans believe, that while the Gamecocks may be somewhat lacking in talent (or at the very least diminished) compared to the roster Spurrier aquired when he took the reigns of the program - under Spurrier, the Gamecock football team will definitely not be lacking in drive, desire, teamwork and self control - four characteristics of a college football team that the Cocks seemed to lack during the final two years of Holtz's tenure.

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