Laury & Boyd Comment On The Upcoming Season

Lance Laury and Andy Boyd comment on the upcoming football season at The University of South Carolina ...

South Carolina Linebacker Lance Laury

On head coach Steve Spurrier:
"He is a cool coach. He has high expectations of us just like we have on ourselves. He likes for you to do your best at practice. You expect any coach to chew you out. That hasn't happened yet but is sure to come."

On losing four of top six tacklers on defense:
"It really is not a problem. Other players will just have to step it up and be role models for the younger players and to motivate them as much as we can. The upcomers have always been there, but you just haven't been able to really see them. Now we have that chance and they are doing a good job."

On playing Florida:
"It will be big, but so will all the other games before that. The atmosphere in Columbia is always exciting. It will be crazy and loud, but it will also be very intense."

On having two legends as coaches:
"It has been a great opportunity learning from both Coach Holtz and will be a big opportunity to learn a lot from Coach Spurrier. We still work hard like nothing has changed."

South Carolina Tight End Andy Boyd

On Coach Spurrier:
"When he first came in it was like being star-struck because you had always seen him on TV as a kid. It is a real honor to play for a legendary coach like Coach Spurrier. Over the spring we got to know him personally and bind to his philosophy and he worked to get to know all of us. It is a new system and the best we could do was make a good first impression and show him your hard work and that you can be a part of his system."

On the team's adjustment:
"They have done really well. Being in Coach Holtz' system made it a lot easier because he always strove for perfection. We kind of knew what to expect when Coach Spurrier came in."

On finding a quarterback:
"I don't know who the quarterback will be. The coaches say we will find out the first game. I think each quarterback has an opportunity. I think it will come down to whoever makes the best decisions. That is going to be the major factor."

On receiving a lot of national attention:
"It puts a lot of pressure on us as players and the coaches too, but really the players. The coaches have given us everything. It's all a matter of us getting things done, executing and following through."

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