Spurrier Gives Hint Of Things To Come

Steve Spurrier might imply that there are many out there who do not like him, but to know him is to love him ...

Steve Spurrier is a man who apparently pulls no punches about anything. At least not in the minds of those listening. He may very well be pulling punches in his own mind, that is something we will probably never know. Still yet, it's impossible to fault Spurrier for anything he says because he always says exactly what is on his mind and he seems to always tell the truth no matter what.

Spurrier brings an air of chivalry and honor to the college game the likes of which few recognize because so few adhere to the same principles these days.

It takes one to know one.

And perhaps that is why Steve Spurrier is so comfortable in his own skin. He is at peace with his place in life, his family and his job, because Steve Spurrier is one of those rare people who refuses to take a backward step for anyone - secure enough in his initial reactions and instincts to stand behind his words and deeds without retreat.

So when confronted by the media with regards to his decision to release a player or two and relieve them of their scholarships in the process, Spurrier stood firm.

Steve Spurrier knows how the game is played and he doesn't take it personally like his predecessor Lou Holtz did. Spurrier understands going in that, college football - these days especially, is as much a battle of the mind as the heart and the body. It's a non stop PR (public relations) game played off the field for the hearts and minds of the fans, families and prospects.

The attacks are no surprise to him. He knows their point of origin.

"Everybody doesn't like me and everybody doesn't like South Carolina," Spurrier told the media duing an impromptu weekend gathering. "What you do is you don't listen to what your enemies have to say about you. I learned that a long time ago."

And with that, Steve smiled that all-seeing, all-knowing, Golden Boy smile. You knew immediately why he is referred to as Stevie Wonder. Because he doesn't give a fat baby's behind what others think as long as he is content and sure that he is doing the right thing.

Gamecock fans need to get used to that.

Spurrier is nobody's chogey boy. He'd sooner duel with you than relent to your demands if they are unreasonable or misdirected.

Perhaps it is a few high school coaches who really need to get used to that.

SOS is force-feeding Carolina and her fans, and her state's populace for that matter, a Steve Superior diet of truth and virtue in a world where the lines are often blurred and the motives are often less than honorable.

Spurrier plays by his own rules - ones cut from the pages of an old timey world where there was very little gray area in which to venture for ill-gotten gains.

These are things to come for South Carolina, for a group of fans who have been some of the best, most loving, most mindful of all fans in the country no matter the sport ... it appears they have finally found their Champion, and his name is Spurrier. It's a match made on the fields in heaven where the football gods play and something great is bound to result.

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