Davis: "It's Good To Be Home."

Mike Davis is happy to be home ...

Mike Davis looks the part of a big time freshman running back. He has the body, the moves and the proper frame of mind to do big things before he graduates.

Q: How did the first day go?

Davis: We've got a good group of backs out there. ::: laughs ::: I mean Bobby Wallace has some of the quickest feet I have ever seen.

Q: Are you intimidated at all?

Davis: No, I mean not really. I know what I have to do and as of today it is even clearer to me. I can do it. I just have to work hard and stay focused that's all.

Q: Have you gotten into the playbook yet? What do you think .... ?

Davis: Oh yeah. It's complicated. I mean it's a lot to absorb and all that but I have good people around me who are going to steer me in the right direction so I am not too worried about it. Right now I just want to concentrate on the fundamentals and not try to get too far ahead of myself.

Q: Sounds like the smart thing to do. So you feel confident with your chance to play early and contribute this season?

Davis: I do. I would think that as long as I get the chance to come out here and play hard that everything will fall into place. If I just work hard and concentrate I can do anything I set my mind to."

Q: You can run the ball, but can you catch the ball? Can you block without the ball? It all goes hand in hand.

Davis: I have decent hands. I'll keep working to make them better but I have good hands to start out with. Now I admit that I never had to really block much in high school 'cause they usually just handed me the ball and I took off ... but I have confidence in my coaches here to teach me how to be a great blocker."

Q: What are your immediate goals as far as playing time is concerned? And what do you want to accomplish during the summer now that it has officially begun?

Davis: I want to work on my blocking and conditioning. I don't want to try to move along too fast - I just want to take my time and not miss anything they are trying to teach me. I admit I need a lot of help right now but I am a quick learner.

Q: Are you glad you stayed close to home?

Davis: Yes I am. It is a definite advantage for me. I mean I was so close to home this summer and there is a lot of support and help in that you know? It feels good to be here. Everybody who can play at this level around here should keep that in mind when they are choosing what school they want to attend. I mean what I am trying to say is, I encourage everyone around here to come here, to stay close to home. It is definitely an advantage. It's good to be here. This is already home to me.

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