They Call Him "Twinkle Toes"

Bobby Wallace has Gamecock fans in Columbia ooooing and ahhhhhhing with his style of running with the football. It's a thrill a second every time he touches the ball ...

Bobby Wallace:

Height: 5-7
Weight: 183
Forty: "Somewhere around 4.3"

Q: That's about Barry Sanders size.

BW: Pretty much yeah. :::: laughs :::::

Q: You like him huh?

BW: Oh yeah. He was a great back, back in his day.

Q: Anything to do with size similarities?

BW: Huh? Whatta you mean?

Q: nevermind, it's not important. Whom were your idols growing up?

BW: I'd have to say Barry Sanders. Him and Deon Sanders. They are the ones I patterned my running style after as much as possible. I try to run similar anyway.

Q: A lot of people are talking about your jitterbug moves and style. Does it come that naturally to you? You pretty much let the force be with you it looks like out there.

BW: Yeah, I pretty much just let the force be with me and go with the flow. It's natural. I just try to see it before it happens. I try to make what the other guy does go to my advantage if you know what I mean. A bigger guy has to commit earlier than I have to when it comes to what direction we are going to go. Once I have him committed then I just go the other way and try to feel my way threw the pressure – I let my natural instincts find the gaps and slots for me once I get past the line of scrimmage.

Q: So you feel it? You feel pressure coming or someone bearing down on you or what?

BW: I pretty much feel it yeah. I can feel it before it happens. I just sort of glance real quickly around the field and see what is going on and sometimes my body just moves out of the way without me really thinking about it too much. I just let that something deep down in my mind control my moves without trying to force myself to do things pretty much – I just go with the flow and what they give me out there. I try to stay real loose.

Q: So you would say that your field-vision is one of your great strengths?

BW: Yes. Definitely. My peripheral vision particularly.

Q: Do you have good hands?

BW: I think so yes - real good hands.

Q: So you like to catch the ball out of the backfield?

BW: Oh yeah. I'd catch it out of the backfield a hundred percent of the time if they wanted to throw it to me that much.

Q: Can you be that ‘one back, single back' type of running back? Are you big enough to take that kind of punishment in the SEC and keep going?

BW: Yes. Absolutely. I mean I know they are thinking I am smaller and they are going to kill me every time they try to hit me but I make it hard for them to really get good contact on me.

Q: You had your first taste of full contact at this level Saturday night. Did you take any good licks?

BW: :::: laughs :::: Oh yeah. I took like two real good ones. I mean they were real good but I saw them coming so they really didn't hit me as hard as they were trying to. I mean I am not just going to let them hit me and get away with it either … I hit them too so that added to the impact overall.

Q: Who was it that hit you?

BW: It was Lance (Laury) the first time and then the second one was Ricardo (Hurley).

Q: What are your goals for this season?

BW: I just want to help the team earn a SEC Championship as soon as possible.

Q: There are a couple of friends of yours saying the same thing. Taylor Rank and Mike Davis.

BW: I mean we're friends and fellow players. We already like each other a lot and all that, but we're all competitors so we're going to go out there and get after it and compete and may the best man win.

Q: What's your nickname?

BW: One of the offensive linemen blurted out after watching me run, he blurted out … he called me "Twinkle Toes." :::::: laughs :::::: I think that's probably what they are going to end up calling me now. You know, the upperclassmen give everybody a nickname. Looks like mine is going to be ‘twinkle toes.'

Q: Do you have twinkle toes?

BW: I'll let people decide that for themselves when they see me play. :::: smiles ::::

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