Jonathan Hannah - The Biggest Catch

Not many in Coach Steve Spurrier's first Gamecock class, if any, were more highly touted or prized than the big tight end ...

Jonathan Hannah

Q: You showed up at the last minute on the Gamecocks' doorstep, sort of like a late Christmas present. What did it for you? What made you change your mind and become a Gamecock?

JH: ::::: laughs ::::: My parents. You know, being that they are an hour away really helped a lot. And you know, the fact that I trusted Coach Stockstill and Coach Spurrier and everything that they told me. I really believe in my heart that we will do things here before all is said and done that have never been done here before. I mean I really do sincerely believe that and that appealed to me greatly.

Q: Are you planning on staying a tight end?

JH: Yes sir, absolutely. I'm comfortable at tight end. There's some things that I've got to work on obviously being a freshman and playing in the SEC, there's a lot of good players out there so there's some things that I've got to do to get better and work on every day. But we're being coached 100 percent every day so Coach expects me to give 100% back in return.

Q: Coach Stockstill expects that from you?

JH: Yessir. I mean he's not really an offensive line coach like most tight end coaches are. Coach Stock is a receiver coach coaching tight ends so he is teaching us things that he teaches receivers that have been drafted in the past so that'll really help all of us at the position in the long run.

Q: You were committed to Virginia Tech for quite awhile there. They were really upset when you changed your mind at the last minute ...

JH: ... some of them still are! :::: laughs ::::

Q: What changed at the last minute?

JH: Playing in the SEC had something to do with it ... but more than anything my Mom sort of made a joke that last night. She asked me, "How are yo going to react being three and a half - four hours away from me?" I mean she said it like a joke knowing I was about to go to Virginia Tech ... but I took it like, man that's a serious question. So I decided that being closer to them would really help me and my family out. Plus how can you go wrong coming here? You can't.

Q: Can you break into the top of the depth chart and get some serious playing time here this year?

JH: I believe SO. I mean they didn't bring me here to redshirt me, so you know I am trying my best right now to get into the every-series rotation.

Q: Been spending a lot of time in the weightroom we hear ...

JH: Yessir, I have. And I am going to spend a lot more time in there too.

Q: What's your height, weight and forty time?

JH: I'm 6-4, 6-5ish about 260. I've run a 4.7 pretty consitently. The fastest I have ever been timed so far is 4.68.

Q: Looking in front of you, who are the tight ends above you on the depth chart right now in your mind?

JH: Andy Boyd.

Q: Ok, that was simple enough. Who are your roommates?

JH: Brandon Young from Atlanta, Taylor Rank from Washington and Jerry Ware from Florida.

Q: What's your nickname?

JH: ::::: answers quickly and with a smile ::::: Jay-Han. :::: repeats :::: Jay-Han.

Q: Are you acclimated to Columbia yet?

JH: Oh yeah. I love it here already. I mean this place is very exciting and school is not even in session yet so that says a lot about Columbia. I really love it here.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most right now?

JH: Cutting all this practice out and getting down to the live, real head knocking. I want to get to the games. I want to play the games now. I'm excited.

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