August 9 Practice Report - Tuesday

Steve Spurrier spoke with the media after practice ...

Steve Spurrier addressed the media following Tuesday morning's workout:

On the issue that he made promises to Woodly Telfort and Brian Brownlee regarding their pending legal troubles: "As long as I've been here, there are two words you've never heard me say, and two words I never, ever try to say, and those words are 'I promise. I don't use those words. I read a long time ago that a loser makes promises and a winner makes commitments. So that's a word I don't use. The word you hear me use all the time is 'hopefully.' I use that word a lot. Hopefully we'll have a good team. I dang sure can't guarantee it. Hopefully we'll put this thing together and make it work."

On him going easy on players who get into trouble: "I don't think so ... You can check my track record. This is not my first year in coaching. This is my sixteenth in college. You can check my track record to see what we did with guys who got into serious trouble and embarrassed our university. If a guy takes his picture off the wall and brings it back, he's still on my team because I might have done the same thing as a college kid when someone took the bowl game away. You get mad and you get over it."

The team worked out for about two and a half hours on Tuesday morning on the Bluff Road practice fields. The practice started under overcast skies, but the sun broke through for the second half of the session, and, along with the humid conditions, created the warmest day yet this fall. Here are Head Coach Steve Spurrier's quotes following the practice:

"I think we made a little progress throwing and catching. The offensive line looked a little better. We still have a long way to go. We had some nice heat and humidity today; the conditioning hopefully was a good factor. We¹ll meet this afternoon, meet some more, have a walk-through and that will be today¹s session."

On offensive game plan for the season:
"We¹ve put in almost everything. That¹s why we had a lot of mistakes here and there. Hopefully the mistakes will dwindle as we go and they dwindled a little bit today. So today¹s practice was encouraging."

On Sidney Rice:
"Sidney Rice had a little surgery on his pinky finger, had a fracture and they put a small pin in. He should be around tomorrow. I think his mother took him home for the day to take care of him and he should be back tomorrow."

On talent of this year¹s football team:
"I think we have excellent talent. If they play to their potential, we have good players here no question about it."

Jonathan Joseph dropped four passes today during 7 on 7 drills.

It appears that the offensive line is beginning to take shape pretty much as we have predicted. Goddard and Levey at tackle. WEB Brown and James Thompson at guard and Chris White at center.

Lance Laury appears to have turned it up a notch for his senior season. He has been the most agressive linebacker on the field so far this summer and appears to have the athleticism to cover out of the backfield - a weakness among last season's linebacking corp.

Tommy Beecher got back into the quarterback act some today, but obviously the groin injury is still bothering him. In the meantime Blake Mitchell and Cade Thompson got all the work in the 7 on 7 drills. Antonio Heffner has soreness in his forearm that should be better in a couple of days given some rest. Defensive back Brandon Isaac returned to full action after missing a day due to an bdominal strain. Center Fran Person missed much of the practice due to illness.

O.J. Murdock (shoulder), Noah Whiteside (ankle), Fred Bennett (hamstring) and Jeremy Burgess (lower back) all saw limited action Tuesday.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE UPDATE: The Gamecocks will have their first of three two-a-days on Wednesday, August 10. The first practice is scheduled for 9-11:15 a.m. with full pads, while the second practice of the day has been moved to 7:30-9:30 p.m. with helmets only. The same schedule will hold for Friday, August 12.

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