Thompson Makes His Move

Cade Thompson is taking advantage of an opportunity that could lead to big things down the road ...

We caught up with Cade Thompson at media day. Over the summer it was the general train of thought that Tommy Beecher was slightly ahead of Thompson in the race for supremacy between the two highly touted youngsters. Yet in the past week it is Thompson who has moved into the number two position on the depth chart thanks to Antonio Heffner's injury and ...

Q: You've moved in front of Tommy Beecher. Is that an advantage right now? What advantage does that give you in the overall scheme of things this early?

CT: I don't know if I have really ...

Q: Coach Spurrier said it today - that you have moved in front of both Antonio Heffner and Beecher.

CT: Well, truth be known, Tommy's got a groin injury right now. He won't talk about it but he has been sitting out, he didn't throw actually at all yesterday. It's bothering him. But me and Tony and Tommy ... we're all trying to learn the offense as best we can right now. We all need to be prepared.

Q: How do you feel about the offense at this stage? Is it a bit overwhelming?

CT: Yeah - it's ALL overwhelming ... trying to learn his (Steve Spurrier's) offense. He's a perfectionist so he'll let you know about it when you do something wrong, when you screw up, he's definitely not afraid to let you know about it.

Q: How do you rate your arm strength compared to the other guys?

CT: I'm probably, well I definitely know that my arm is not as strong as Antonio Heffner's. But uh, Blake and I are probably a little more comparable although his arm may be just slightly stronger than mine right now. I just need to get in the weight room and bulk up some more.

Q: Are you doing that?

CT: Not right now. Not during camp. I think we only have a couple of workouts in the weight room during camp. So whenever I have time I'll get in there eventually.

Q: So are you saying that in your mind Antonio is ahead of you as of today?

CT: Um ... I don't know. I think everything is up in the air right now except for the fact that Blake is obviously starting. I guess it just depends on how we do over the next couple of weeks. We'll just see how things play out.

Q: Are you two guys, Beecher and you, friends?

CT: Yeah, we are. We're roommates.

Q: Any other quarterbacks in that room?

CT: No. Ryan Succop and Shea McKeen are in there with us.

Q: When is Shea going to get a haircut?

CT: I don't know. ::::: laughs ::::: I've been telling him he needs to get one.

Q: What about those chin whiskers of yours?

CT: I'll probably keep these. ::::: laughs :::::

Note: Cade Thompson is a stand up, serious young quarterback hopeful and he is earning every break he gets right now. We've been impressed with his steady improvement on the field. He is taking full advantage of his opportunities and that is usually a sign of the makings of a good quarterback. He definitely has potential.

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