Tommy Beecher Looks To Improve

Tommy Beecher looked strong during summer voluntary workouts - and then something happened ...

Tommy Beecher:

Q: You've got a week under your belt under Steve Spurrier. How is it going so far?

TB: It's been great so far. Being with this team is great and we've been working really hard out there trying to make ourselves better. Everything's going smoothly so far.

Q: Early on it looked like you had a jump on the other guys. Now it looks like you have fallen behind? What happened ... injury? Is the arm ok? The surgery went ok?

TB: My arm's doing good. Nah, an injury is no excuse. The coaches think I need to work on my footwork and where the ball is placed on my drop back ... so it's the basics that I need to work on - so yeah, I am towards the back right now but whatever I can do to help the team I am going to do it. Note: We later found out from Cade Thompson and others that Tommy had suffered a pretty painful groin injury and had been having difficulty moving around - yet he refused a yellow jersey.

Q: How do you feel about two high profile quarterbacks in the same class plus a redshirted freshmen already here and a sophomore starting in front of all of you. What's that like competition wise? How do you approach that?

TB: Eventually I'll get my shot. Right now I am towards the back but it's still early and I am still picking up the system. We're just trying to get better every day and that's my goal right now.

Q: Who has the strongest arm of all of you?

TB: I don't know. We've all got pretty strong arms and we'll see how it looks on the fade when our numbers are called. ::::: laughs ::::::

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