Frankly Speaking: Spurrier Has His Motivations

Coach Steve Spurrier has mulitiple reasons to want to win, and win big, at The University of South Carolina. But have you really thought about what they may be? ...

Lee Corso called him after he had already taken the job.

(Paraphrased) "I think you are making a mistake," Corso told Steve Spurrier. "You can't win at South Carolina."

In doing so he only enriched Spurrier's reasons, his motivations, for taking the job with the Gamecocks.

Do not tell Steve Spurrier that he cannot do anything. 'Can't' is not a word in his vocabulary as so many like to claim.

But what are some of the other reasons Spurrier may stay motivated until his mission is accomplished in Columbia?

So many have implied that he "can't win at USC," that you would have to consider that number one in his mind if you know anything about the man at all.

Then there is the internal-drive demons that possesses Spurrier - that 'will to win.' He enjoys winning and he enjoys challenges. He likes to build losers into winners. He did it as a quarterback at Florida and he did it as a coach at Florida. People forget that the last team in the SEC to go winless before the Gamecocks did it in 1999, was the Florida Gators less than twenty years earlier.

And Stevie Wonder has already made it clear that he intends to leave The Gamecocks only after he has become their winningest coach. Rex Enright has 64 total wins as a Carolina head coach. Average 9 wins a season and Spurrier could break that lowly record in what? ... a little over seven seasons. Basically the length of his current contract.

And what happens to the SEC record books if Spurrier passes Enright on the all times win list with Carolina?

Spurrier currently holds the honor of being the third winningest coach in SEC history, percentage wise, at .817. Average 9 wins a season for the next 7 years and his batting average goes up! Even Phil Fulmer, the fourth winningest coach in SEC history so far at .801, would not be able to catch him before both men retired.

In addition, Steve's 87-14 record in SEC play is ranked as the best winning percentage in conference history (.861). He will not want to drop below Fulmer in that catagory.

Spurrier, were he to win a conference championship at Carolina, would become the second coach in college football history (along with Bryant) to win conference championships at three different schools, Duke of the ACC, Florida of the SEC and South Carolina, formerly of the ACC but now in the SEC. Spurrier, the Heisman Winner his senior year at Florida, speaks often of SC's 1969 ACC Championship season.

And there are so many other "firsts" for Spurrier to accomplish while in Columbia.

The first to win a major bowl.

The first to win four in a row against Georgia and Clemson, arguably the Gamecock fans' most bitter two rivals.

The first to win two in a row against Tennessee - the fans' third most hated opponent.

Another subconscious thought in Spurrier's evil-genius mind might be that some claim Steve is the best to come along in the league since "The Bear," Paul Bryant himself. (See Paul Finebaum)

Spurrier is probably asking himself, "why not be considered the best of all time?" If he wins big at South Carolina he would be.

SOS likes to ask, 'why not?' The catch phrase slogan these days in Columbia is "Why Not Us?" Spurrier's words spoken on the day he officially accepted the job in front of a press gathering three times as large as the one present the day Lou Holtz took the same job six years earlier.

And if you really want to have some fun, take a look at what another 70 wins would do for Spurrier's all time wins total! Then figure another 55 wins in the SEC. He would really put himself in rarified air in the record books with the added tally - and he'll soon have 12 or 13 games a season in which to make hay in the league and nationally.

Then there is that little thing with his alma mater Florida. You have to believe that's motivation enough all by itself. If the Gator's have to lose, they might actually be able to handle it if it is to the Ole' Ball Coach himself that they are losing to once in awhile.

Add to it all, Spurrier claims, (and we believe him), that he wants to win in the Capital City of the Palmetto State because, "Their fans deserve it. They have paid their dues."

Yet, in truth and with all honesty when speaking about college football's straighest shooter, the fact of the matter is that none of the above are, in all likelihood, the real motivators when it comes to Spurrier taking the job at South Carolina.

Truth be told Spurrier is just a winner. He likes to win. It is part of his make-up.

Spurrier will win at South Carolina because ... well because, he is Steve Spurrier. He doesn't know how to do it any other way and that's all the motivation he'll ever need. He is driven to be the best ... and he is.

"Why not?", Spurrier says. Why not indeed. We'll just have to wait and see.

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