Bobby Wallace - Sparking With Enthusiasm

Bobby Wallace was the true bright spot for the offense during the scrimmage Tuesday night. Afterwards, here is what he had to say about the shape of the offense and where they go from here ...

Q: This was probably the final scrimmage of the season, how did you feel out there? Are you ready?

BW: You know, I feel good. I think I did well again tonight but I gotta give all the credit to the offensive line. ITrust us, he was being modest. Most of what he made he made on his own.)

Q: There was a brief adjustment period between the time you wore shorts until the time you put the pads on. You seem quite a bit more comfortable out there now.

BW: Yeah, pretty much I am. I mean it took me a little while to get used to the environment speed wise. I'm adapting to it in my head much better right now and able to see things better than I was those first few days after we started wearing pads.

Q: So you are not intimidated at all? Are you ever?

BW: I'm starting to figure out the system, and nobody is going to intimidate me.

Q: You seemed to find the rushing lanes better than anyone once you were down by the goal line ...

BW: Yeah, I mean my offensive line was great, everybody was pushing ... all I need is a little hole. I saw it and hit it.

Q: Bobby, it looks like you and Mike Davis will be sharing the load in the backfield. As a true freshman that has to feel good to you.

BW: Oh yeah. Both of us are working hard and we're going to go out there and compete and may the best man win. But no matter what happens we are going to go out there and be friends no matter who starts. We know we're both going to play.

Q: It looked bad out there tonight at times. It looks like the offensive game plan may be to run the ball and punt ...

BW: ::::: laughs ::::: Well that'll be good for us if all we do is run the ball. We're just going to go out there and run the ball.

Q: Nine days out (from the opener), are you guys going to be in a better position nine days from now?

BW: Oh yeah. We'll just correct our mistakes. We'll watch film tomorrow and what not, and go to practice and work real hard and by game day we'll come out there and be ready to play.

Q: Are you worried about how everyone performed on offense tonight at all?

BW: Yeah, I mean we had some bad mistakes and all and got our quarterbacks in a situation where they couldn't get anywhere, but by tomorrow at practice we'll work it all out, watch film and hopefully we're going to get it corrected.

Q: Knowing what an icon Steve Spurrier is, it has to be frustrating knowing the offense cannot seem to get it on track?

BW: Yeah, well it's a little frustrating at times but you know, everyone makes mistakes but we're going to get it all together and learn to get over the frustration.

Q: Do you get a sense that this entire team is at the stage where you just need to get thrown to the fire and see what happens?

BW: We're going to be sparking for the game next week.

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