Chris Tucker Set To Anchor Up Front

Chris Tucker looks the part of a bone smashing hellion of a defensive lineman - until he smiles. Then he is more like a big teddy bear. That is until he takes the field and the ball is snapped and it all turns mean again ...

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Q: You have been back and forth from the offensive side of the ball over to defense and then back and forth a couple of times. Looks like you have finally settled in on the defensive side of he ball in your final year?

CT: Yeah, and it feels real good. It's been a long time but I am finally here with this staff. All I needed was a chance to prove myself to somebody, to prove I could play and contribute on the defensive line.

Q: How much do you weight right now, and how tall are you?

CT: 295, and 6'1.5" That's what they say anyway. ::: laughs :::

Q: You had two quick sacks tonight in the final scrimmage before the season gets underway.

CT: Yes, two sacks and a tackle for a loss.

Q: You've fought hard to get here. There were times when you thought about giving it up because you felt like you were a defensive lineman and someone was trying to make you into an offensive lineman right?

CT: Oh yeah. It was frustrating at times but I always wanted to do what I could to help the team, and I tried hard. It's just that I knew in my heart that I am a defensive lineman. It was real hard for a long time. I took it seriously over the summer and I worked real hard because I had to prove to the coaches this is where I needed to be.

Q: Marquis Hall and you, you talk about dominating in the middle we hear.

CT: Yeah, we talk about it all the time. I was telling Marquis just a little while ago, "Man, it looks like we have the fastest d-line I have seen in a minute," you know? I mean we are all runners, not just big men. I know I timed in at a 4.78 the other day and Marquis, he is running something like a 4.7 flat! All of us, the starters and even the backups can run. DeAdrian Coley, Dee Cee, he runs like a 4.5 flat as big as he is!

Q: You mentioned the backups. You talking about Duckey? (Stanley Doughty) There is some competition going on there right now is there not?

CT: Ah yeah, but it ain't nothing serious you know what I mean? He's always pushing me and I am always pushing him. He's always saying stuff like, "Chris, I'm comin' for that spot on the depth chart," and stuff like that. I tell him, "Yeah, come and get it then" But it's a lot of fun. He's good enough to start for most teams so I look at that as a positive for us on defense.

Q: The defense appears to be taking a lot of pride in being rough with your offense. Will that carry over against opposing teams?

CT: I mean you know, we're just wanting to do our part. I mean we know we've been looking kind of good but you never know until you face someone else's offense. We're just going to do our part to win games and we're counting on the offense to come through, it's just going to take some time really. That's all.

Q: You like the depth on defense it sounds like?

CT: Yes I do. Right now we are two deep all the way across the depth chart on defense and all of us can play like starters so that is good to know.

Q: We know you have to concentrate on that first game against Central Florida, but that second game back down in your home territory with you coming in starting ... you have to be looking forward to that.

CT: I mean yeah, we're supposed to be concentrating on Central Florida but for us Georgia guys it's hard not to think about that Georgia game a little bit. But we were talking about that the other day, me and some of the other Georgia guys. We have to do well down there. It's sort of home to us so we have to show well. But we'll really think more about that after the Central Florida game.

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