Football Forensics: The Worth Of The Coach

What is the most important worth of having Steve Spurrier as a head coach? ...

You consider yourself a knowledgeable Gamecock football fan correct? One who understands every detail of every aspect of the program?

What is Steve Spurrier's worth as the head coach at The University of South Carolina? As their football coach?

Let the exploration begin.

Is it in terms of public relations? Afterall, the man does draw the media attention.

It's been said that Lou Holtz earned some seven million dollars as the head coach over his six year stint. But in turn he brought in some twelve million in coverage and exposure including two College Football Game Day appearances by ESPN. More than many of the powerhouse programs enjoyed during Holtz's stint.

Yet Spurrier will mean even more. Here's how. The Top Five things that makes Steve Spurrier priceless to the Carolina football program:

5 - Instant Respect. You can forget all the old jokes. Spurrier has already done away with those on both sides of the fence.

4 - Confidence. With Spurrier on the sideline you know you always have a chance to win. You know you will be well prepared and you know your team is going to give it their all.

3 - Media Exposure. The more your name is out there, the more folks are likely to notice you eventually. A school could not afford what Lou Holtz brought to the table. What Steve Spurrier brings to the table in terms of exposure for the school, (which increases applications and enrollments), is priceless. You cannot put a price tag on it, and that will have far reaching long term positive effects.

2 - Recruiting. If you are reading this then you are a premium member already. Go to the recruiting data base and select almost any blue chip athlete that is considering South Carolina. If nothing else go to the hot news feature at the top of the web page and select one of those mentioning South Carolina. What do most of them these days say, is the reason they have South Carolina listed in their own top five? Answer. Steve Spurrier.

1 - And the number one thing that makes Steve Spurrier priceless to Gamecock fans everywhere?

Seven Points (7)

That's right. Seven points.

Allow me to answer your question by asking you one first.

Do you agree, knowing what you know about Steve Spurrier, that he brings at least an additional seven points to the sidelines just by being there?

You do? Great!

Now. Had the Gamecocks had an extra seven points per game in the last three years what would that have meant to the program?

Allow me to answer that one for you if you will.

In 2002 it would have meant a win over Georgia, a one point loss to Tennessee and a tie that could have ended either way verses Clemson.

Your final record that year would have been either 6-6 or 7-5 and then add a bowl game to that which would have meant three consecutive bowl appearances. Recruiting would have really taken off, but let's say it stayed the same and move on into 2003, shall we?

In 2003, an extra seven points per game would have meant a win over Tennessee and over Florida and again your overall record would have been 7-5 and the Gamecocks would have been making their fourth consecutive appearance in a bowl game. Not to mention the advantages of having regular season wins over the Vols and Gators. Recruiting would be soaring by now. Confidence growing. Monkeys off backs. Things would have been good in Gamecock land. But let's move on to 2004.

In 2004 an extra seven points per game would have meant yet another win over Georgia and a win over Ole Miss. You would have finished the season 8-3 and been headed to your fifth consecutive bowl game. You would have beaten Georgia four out of the last five years which would have escalated your recruiting successes in the Peach State.

You would have, in all likelihood, racked-up a couple more bowl wins under your belts in the process and by beating Georgia those years could have made a legitimate claim to passing them in the SEC East hierarchy to some extent.

Seven little points. One extra touchdown and extra point per game.

Few will argue that Steve Spurrier will bring fewer points per game than that to the table. Yet everyone focuses on the cliche intangibles such as the media coverage and the big name on the sidelines, while seven points per game will mean so much more.

It is an interesting thought and one all Gamecock fans should hope proves true. So here is the baseline. Remind us at the end of the season and we shall see how close we were to being correct.

In 2002 Carolina's offense averaged 18.75 points per game.

In 2003 Carolina's offense averaged 22.33 points per game.

In 2004 Carolina's offense averaged an even 21 points per game.

Will Steve Spurrier's offense manage to average seven points better per game than the roughly average 21 per game Carolina averaged over the total previous three seasons prior to Spurrier's arrival?

Only time will tell but we are betting he will. It is a safe bet to say Spurrier will average at least 28 points per game in his first season at South Carolina. Correct?

Seven points per game. It will make Spurrier's presence truly priceless in terms of the impact he may have on Carolina's future with a mere seven (7) points per game.

Sounds simple enough does it not?

We shall see.

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