560 WVOC Game Day Is Here!

Be sure to tune into 560 WVOC AM in Columbia today, it's The Station With The BEST Gamecock Coverage, and once you listen you will agree. Read on for the pregame start time and a list of shows ...

Every gameday this season, as they have been doing for over 50 consecutive years now, 560 WVOC, The Station With The BEST Gamecock Coverage, will do your pregame show and then guide you through the remainder of the evening.

It all begins four hours before kickoff each game day, starting roughly at about 1:30 pm today with the 5:30 kickoff verses Georgia.

Dave Neil starts it off with the SEC Football Report.

Next up is Carolina Injury and Impact with Gary David and David Prezioso.

Then comes The Gamecock Hotseat with Teddy Heffner.

Following Teddy and getting really close to game time is Russ Perry's Gamecock Nation where this week, his special guest is Jim Carlen.

After Russ you've got Super Sod Carolina Kickoff with Christopher Thompson! (Welcome back Topher :)

Christopher is followed by the S.C. Bank and Trust Carolina Kickoff Show with Keven Cohen and Ryan Brewer.

Those two guys will take you right up to kickoff.

At kickoff you'll hear Brian Custer and Steve Tanneyhill keep you up to date on all the scores around the southeast with the Southeastern Scoreboard Show.

And immediately following the game it's back to Keven Cohen for the 5th Quarter Show ... and you know Kev, he's there for the duration.

It is, without a doubt, the BEST Gamecock coverage on the radio and it is only on 560 AM, WVOC, the voice of Columbia.

560 WVOC is the station with THE BEST Gamecock coverage. With more than fifty consecutive years of Gamecock coverage experience, WVOC 560 is ready to serve you as the Steve Spurrier era gets underway.

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