Football Forensics: The Keys To The Upset

Here is what you should expect to see if the Gamecocks are to pull off the upset ...

The Gamecock team that takes the field in Athens, will not be the same team that took the field in the opener against Central Florida.

South Carolina will have more than a few new wrinkles to show the Georgia Dawgs.

Georgia has outstanding team speed. Their defense in particular is very good. South Carolina will look to offset the Dawg's advantage in terms of speed by running a lot of misdirection plays.

The Carolina offensive line has to be better in the trenches. They are going to have to drive off the line of scrimmage, giving the Gamecock backs room to run.

South Carolina MUST find a way to run the ball on Georgia.

And the Gamecocks are going to have to limit their mistakes. That's not always easy in Athens where, at times, the calls seem to fall in favor of the Dawgs.

If you see a preponderance of holding calls on the Carolina offensive line and in the Gamecock secondary, it will be a long day for SC.

So limit the mistakes and give the refs no marginal fouls to call.

A balanced attack is going to be necessary. Not only in terms of running and passing, but also in terms of left and right.

Watch Spurrier call plays back and forth across the field. A pass left. A run right. A run left and a pass right. Back and forth. That is classic Spurrier offense.

Throwing the ball on Georgia is a must.

On the defensive side of the ball Carolina is going to have to stop the Georgia running game. Expect to see eight in the box for Carolina today and that means the Carolina secondary will have to cover on islands one-on-one.

Special teams play will likely be the difference in the game. If South Carolina manages a good return average on the day, if they can avoid the fumbles that plagued them against Central Florida, then they have a chance.

And no big returns can be allowed. Carolina's coverage teams have to pin the Dawgs back and force them to make long drives to score.

South Carolina has to keep this game close well into the fourth quarter.

The Gamecock coaching staff needs to do a better job of making proper half time adjustments than they did against Central Florida.

Make no mistake about it. South Carolina is a 17 point underdog and that makes this a no-pressure game for the Cocks. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Georgia has everything to lose and nothing to gain. When Georgia beats South Carolina they often go on to ten win seasons. When they lose they usually win eight games.

Georgia fans cannot discount the value of this game. So the pressure is on them and the longer SC stays in the game the more the pressure will mount.

If South Carolina rushes for 100 yards. If the Gamecocks pass for 280. If the Cocks make fewer mistakes, especially those that negate big plays, and if they score 24 points, then you have to like South Carolina's chances for a big upset.

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