Recruiting notebook

Flush from a four-game SEC winning streak and with a colossal showdown against Florida looming, Gamecock recruiters have turned the heat up a notch on some of their blue-chip prospects, with measurable results. Some interesting new ...

names have popped up (Jared Mitchell, Terrell Reese) and there is progress being made with some of our more familiar names as well.
This week, we're going to look at the defensive backfield and see who we're looking at and what progress we're making there. Let's start at safety.

Donsay Hardeman is currently atop our list of offered players, but local favorite DonKay Degraffenried has just sent in more film, and may receive an offer soon.
Wild cards: Terrell Johnson and Brian Watters both have us high on their lists; I would expect to see a few new big names appear between now and the holidays. Darius Gaither, who will attend his third USC game this weekend vs. the Gators, is also listed on some services as a safety, although he's a corner on our board (see below).

St. Augustine, FL standout Jacques Rickerson is atop our list of corners, closely followed by Marcus Udell and Winnsboro's own Darius Gaither and Chimdi Chekwa, who has favored us for months.
Wild card: David Pender.

Gamecock Stock Exchange

Check here to see who our stock is rising (or falling) with.
WR Lattarius Thomas
WR Jared Mitchell
WR Terrell Reese
CB/S Darius Gaither

Swayin's Top 5

We'll adjust this list of uncommitted prospects periodically as the recruiting season continues; some big changes from the last column.
1. DT/DE Adam Patterson: Our SEC winning streak and huge win against UT have definitely made an impact with him. Hopefully, he's sitting in homeroom right between Rodney Paulk and Mark Barnes.
2. OL Clifton Geathers: An enigma shrouded in a cloak of uncertainty, surrounded by an impenetrable fog of the unknown. In other words, nobody really knows where they stand with Clifton -- but we can all still hope.
3. OL Daron Rose: A recent upgrade by one service has him ranked above Geathers. The guy is a certified road grader, and smart as a whip; would be able to grasp SOS's complicated blocking schemes quickly.
4. The St. Augustine Boys: WR Quintin Hancock, CB Jacques Rickerson, and RB Brandon James would make one heck of a trifecta.
5. WR/ATH Jamar Hornsby: Wow, what a difference maker this guy could be. We've only got an outside shot at best, but he would be on any team's top 5, so he's on ours too. Hopefully we snag his fifth visit and beat UF; if we do, SOS could work some magic.

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