Recruiting notebook:

The recruiting marathon is a February-to-February grind filled with peaks and valleys that every recruitnik must weather. Dry spells where we have no news, long periods between commits - these things drive even the diehards to distraction. But, recruiting fans, we're about to enter the fourth quarter. As soon as you push away from the table, after your thirds on turkey and stuffing are complete and before the tryptophan can knock you out on the sofa...

...recruiting season will have officially rounded the final turn. We're in the home stretch, people, and we're just starting the always-fun period I call the "who the @#$% is that guy" part of recruiting, when out of nowhere, some 4-star stud you've either never heard of, or at the very least dropped off your board months ago, suddenly reappears and announces he's coming to Colatown for an official visit. It happens every year, and is one of the reasons I always get a little antsy when somebody asks me for a list of who I think we'll end up with at a particular position, because this time of year, you just KNOW there's going to be new names popping up with regularity, new names that you're stoked about.

For example, below is a list of "who the @#$% is that guy" players who have appeared out of nowhere in just the last 2 weeks; every one of these guys is a four star. Keep in mind that when I say that these guys came out of nowhere, it's not because they're below-the-radar-type players -- hard to be that when you're a 4-star! But Carlos Brown, for example, was on our board all summer, then he dropped off when he seemed to have little interest - something that relentless pursuit by our staff and a 5-game SEC win streak seemed to have changed. It's interesting also to note the wide geographical range our staff is working, from outside Philly to SoCal, and everywhere in between.

Recent arrivals to the Big Board:

Carlos Brown - 6-0/195/4.5 Franklin, GA (will visit 12/3)
Mon Williams - 6-2/198/4.45 Mesquite, TX (will visit 1/13)
Tracy Slocum - 5-10/195/4.6, Clovis, CA

Lance Kendricks - 6-3/205/4.5, Milwaukee, WI
Terrell Reese - 6-4/195/4.5, Pfugerville, TX (will visit 1/13)
Jared Mitchell - 5-11/200/4.47, New Iberia, LA

Jeff Otah - 6-7/325/5.25, Wayne, PA (will visit 12/3)

LT Walker - 6-3/308, Wynne, AR (will visit 1/13)

Gamecock Stock Exchange

Check here to see who our stock is rising (or falling) with.
OL Clifton Geathers
DT Adam Patterson
QB Chris Smelley
OL Daron Rose
OL Jim Barrie
WR Jared Mitchell
RB Carlos Brown
LB Brandon Spikes
CB/S Darius Gaither
RB Mon Williams
DT Reggie Odom
DE DeKoda Watson
DE Eric Norwood

Dropped from the Big Board:
OL Lee Tilley (Auburn)
OL Jim Barrie (not in top 5)
RB Demetrius Goode (So. Miss)

Swayin's Top 5

We'll adjust this list of uncommitted prospects periodically as the recruiting season continues; some big changes from the last column.
1. DT/DE Adam Patterson: We remain in good shape with Adam, from what I hear. I still predict he will wear Garnet next fall.
2. OL Clifton Geathers: Attended the Tater game, but then faded back into his web of secrecy before anybody got a word out of him.
3. OL Daron Rose: A recent upgrade by one service has him ranked above Geathers. The guy is a certified road grader, and smart as a whip; would be able to grasp SOS's complicated blocking schemes quickly; have no new news on him, but we're still clinging to the decent chance of getting a visit.
4. RB Carlos Brown: A new arrival to the Top 5, Carlos reappeared on our board this week after a 3-month absence. I think he just wanted to really see if SOS could do what he was saying he was going to do, and I think our National Coach of the Year candidate has given him all that and then some. Will visit on Dec. 2.
5. DT L.T. Walker: Another new arrival (see mainbar above), LT is the best defensive player in Arkansas, and will take his official visit to USC in January.

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