Saunders Is Gearing Up For Visit To USC

Riverside (Durham, NC) athlete Wesley Saunders is one of the top overall prospects in the Tar Heel state this year. Saunders is rated as a 4-star prospect on, and he is currently listed as the #26 defensive end in the country.

Wesley Saunders, who totaled 52 tackles, 4 sacks, and 14 tackles for loss as a junior, has accumulated scholarship offers from an impressive list of schools.

"So far, it's Louisville, Wake Forest, (North) Carolina, East Carolina, South Carolina,, Clemson, Penn State, Maryland, and N.C. State."

Saunders had previously claimed North Carolina as his leader, but when asked if he currently had any favorites, Saunders stated that he was opening up his list.

"Probably not. I think everybody is pretty much wide open."

The 6'5, 270 pound man-child said that he is planning on taking a couple of unofficial visits in the near future, one of which will be to South Carolina.

"I'm actually going to ECU tomorrow morning, and Saturday morning I am going to South Carolina with my dad."

Saunders, who also recorded 20 receptions for 308 yards and 6 touchdowns as a tight end last season, was asked to share his thoughts on both North Carolina and South Carolina, who he has liked throughout the recruiting process.

South Carolina - "My dad's best friend has a son (Kalimba Edwards) who played for South Carolina. He told me a lot about them, and he actually played my position, defensive end. Kalimba Edwards plays for the Lions now, and he's told me a lot about them (South Carolina). I really like Coach Spurrier from back when he was at Florida too."

North Carolina - "I'm pretty familiar with their campus, and I've been going on their campus for the past few years to play basketball with my dad and hang out with my dad's friend who works there. As far as football, even though they've never really had an awesome season, people still follow football a lot around there. There's pretty good fan support."

The talented jumbo-athlete is hoping to make a decision during his regular season.

"Hopefully by my homecoming game which is in September or October."

Saunders is a rare talent with his frame and versatility. The Tar Heel state star projects as either a defensive lineman or a tight end at the next level, and according to him, he has no preference which position he plays.

"I really don't have a preference. Some schools are looking at me as a defensive end and some as a tight end."

Saunders, who is also a star basketball player, was asked to describe his strengths as a player on the gridiron.

"On defense, I think I'm pretty good at anticipating plays and reading the offense pretty well, so I think those are my strengths on defense. On offense, I‘d say catching the ball, making defenders miss, and my route running skills."

Saunders, who is being recruited by former Duke assistant Fred Chatham for the Gamecocks, shared what factors will ultimately play into his decision.

"My father's opinion is important, the school's academics have got to be great, and I've got to have a comfort level with the coaches."

Lastly, Saunders shared both his individual and team goals for his upcoming senior season.

"For the team, we want to make it to the state championship, as always. Personally, I just want to double my stats from last year, if not triple them."

Stay tuned to for the latest news on this highly regarded, 4-star prospect.

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