One on One with Spurrier on the Front Nine

On a hot late July morning in Elgin, S.C., at the Woodcreek Farms Golf Course, the media gathered to have fun, joke around, and hit the little white ball with the "Ol' Ball Coach."

The only thing hotter than the temperature was Spurrier's game. This guy can play and so can Steve Jr. There's not too many flaws in Coach Spurrier's game, except for maybe lack of practice due to a busy schedule. From tee to green, he is a consistent ball striker, and on the green, an above average putter. All in all, with any hint of regular practice, Coach Spurrier is a five to six handicap. Jr. is about a four to five handicap, but don't let his dad know that. They are pretty competitive with each other.

Coach Spurrier covered all of the bases in his press conference after the golf. With football practice gearing up and Mississippi State around the corner, the coaches want to hear some pads pop. The most important information was the three game suspension for Noah Whiteside and Ty Erving for breaking team rules. However, equally important was the fact that this coaching staff is tired of talking and ready for some action. "We are ready to see what we have" said Spurrier. "Some guys are still not putting forth the effort that they need to be able to play at this level. Right now we don't have the same talent as a Florida or a Tennessee, but that doesn't mean we can't beat them."

When I asked Coach Spurrier what the team lacks in order for it to become a consistent contender in the S.E.C., he made no bones about it: "Recruiting." He than added, "Facilities that are up to par. These are important for the recruits and we have to improve on this, and we are."

I then asked him what expectations he has for this year's defense. At first Spurrier joked and tried to pass it off on Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix, but quickly followed with, "Positive turnover ratio. I think this defense is going to surprise some people. We have to be sharp."

On a different note , Ryan Succup will be the punter this year and the Rugby style punting is yet to be determined.

When it was all said and done, the media outing was a success and the participants got just what they wanted, more Spurrier.

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