Q. Richardson: The Fans Made The Difference

In April of 2005, the University of South Carolina was nowhere on Quintin Richardson's radar. He was seriously considering Tennessee and Clemson at the time, but then something major happened to change his perspective.

Richardson, the 4-Star offensive lineman from Spring Valley (Columbia SC), said the fans at USC made the big difference for him. "Vanderbilt was my first game." He said. "The atmosphere was just crazy when they played 2001. When you go up those steps as a recruit, the fans make you feel like that is the right place for you to come."

He continued, "The Clemson game it was a night game, and the stadium was so beautiful at night, and (the fans) really kicked it. The coaches made me feel comfortable down there, like it was home."

The third time the USC fans really made an impression on him was at the Colonial Center, when USC was playing basketball against Florida, who would go on to become the NCAA National Champions. Richardson said in regard to the game, "They won that game too! Something about the basketball in SEC basketball games, other than Kentucky, or big names like LSU: for the stands to be jam packed, that just shows the loyalty of the fans and that particular game was icing on the cake for me. Everyone was there, the football team was there – I saw Noah, Sidney, all the guys were there. For that to be 15-20 minutes from my family – man, there's no other place." The fans were loudly chanting "Quintin! Quintin!" during that game.

Richardson said that the USC message boards also had an impact during his recruiting. He stated the fans were always positive on the message boards. "(I would read) the message boards, they would talk like they knew you were reading it: ‘I hope you come;' ‘I hope you become part of the family.' They would just be jam packed with fans." He continued, "Being home, you want to get that feeling. This is the state you grew up in, the message boards just showed the fans right there."

He summed up his feelings by saying, "I could call Carolina home. I couldn't say that about Tennessee or Clemson."

He talked about his position coach at USC, and the impact he had on his recruiting. "Coach Hunt – he's a different offensive line coach than all the other coaches I've talked to." Richardson said. "For example, my high school offensive line coach, he's a real get after it guy. Coach Hunt is like, laid back. Real down to earth. Tells us what he's expecting. It shows too. His offensive line has perfect attendance. Guys never miss class. When they told me that, that was great news because going through the recruiting process, you gotta find out: what coach is telling the truth, what coach can you be comfortable with? Coach Hunt I can see myself with him for four years."

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