Taylor Rank Runs With Opportunity

With Mike Davis out with a foot infection and Cory Boyd limited with a bruised hand, redshirt freshman running back Taylor Rank has jumped to number one on the depth chart, and he is making the most of that opportunity. GamecockAnthem caught up with Rank after practice on Monday night, and he shared his thoughts on that and more. Check inside for this free GamecockAnthem interview.

Question: How does it feel to go from one extreme to the other; almost leaving here to now getting reps with the first team?

Answer: Well, after I made my decision that this is where I wanted to be, and I made a commitment here, I had to re-focus myself, get in the weight room, and start training as hard as I could just to get an opportunity.

Question: How did you feel out there working with the first team?

Answer: The first day in pads and everybody gets a little excited to do a little bit of contact, but it felt good to get a lot of reps and get into a little groove.

Question: What kind of role are you hoping to play this season?

Answer: I'm just going to go with whatever the coach wants to do. I just want to get on the field as much as possible and do whatever I can to help this team.

Question: Could you use this as an opportunity to show what you can do?

Answer: You want to take advantage of every opportunity that you get, and I'm going to try my best to take full advantage of this.

Question: What helped you decide to stay at Carolina after considering a transfer over the summer?

Answer: After sustaining my second injury, it was more aggravation and frustration from being in the training room instead of on the practice field. I had to mature a little bit. It was an immature decision, but this is just where I want to be. It's a great town, great fans, and great people.

Question: What is it like playing for Coach Robert Gillespie?

Answer: He's (Coach Gillespie) real fun. He can communicate with us on a good medium, and he's a real good coach. He makes sure we know everything and we do the little things right.

Question: What is your biggest strength as a tailback?

Answer: I think my strength as a tailback is being able to get north and south.

Question: Do you consider yourself a receiving threat coming out of the backfield?

Answer: I consider myself to have pretty good hands, and as a receiving threat, I think I'm a pretty good option.

Question: What do you think you have improved on the most since last season?

Answer: I think my strength, my vision, and my pad level have been probably my biggest improvements.

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