Jordin Lindsey: "All Out Effort This Year"

South Carolina defensive end Jordin Lindsey is heading into his junior year, and he has high expectations for the 2006 season. GamecockAnthem caught up with Lindsey after Tuesday's practice, and he shared his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Question: What kind of mindset does the defense have heading into this season?

Answer: We're talking about all out effort this year. We're not talking about one person showing out, we're going to play as a team and do the best that we can.

Question: How did the summer workouts go for you?

Answer: The whole team worked hard. Coach Smith put us on an awesome weight program. Everybody's beefed up and got to where they're supposed to.

Question: What is your brother doing with his year off?

Answer: My brother is taking this year to get bigger. He's going to have a redshirt year, so he'll have an extra year. Hopefully he'll use this time as a favor to him.

Question: What are your goals for this coming season?

Answer: This year, I want to show out. The whole team's been working hard, and I've got to earn my spot back. Everybody's being given the chance to play, so everybody's just got to show out.

Question: What happened that led to you losing your starting spot in fall camp?

Answer: I did a couple things wrong in the offseason, but the coaches are giving me a chance to show that I want my spot back.

Question: Who are you competing with for the starting spot right now?

Answer: Ryan Brown is my competition right now, and I couldn't ask for a better backup. It doesn't matter if he starts and I back him up in the game or vice versa. I couldn't ask for better competition.

Question: What are your thoughts on new defensive line coach, Brad Lawing?

Answer: He's given us a whole different scheme. He's giving everyone a chance to earn their spot, and I'll be back.

Question: Are you expecting the defense to be better this season than it was last year?

Answer: No doubt, we're going to be an all-around sound team against the pass and run.

Question: What are your thoughts on the new freshman defensive linemen, Eric Norwood and Terrance Campbell?

Answer: I haven't been more impressed with freshman than them. They have come out wanting to play, hungry for the ball, running fast, and everything.

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