Cliff Matthews: A Wanted Man

An inside look from a South Carolina perspective on how the race for this talented defensive end has gone from Georgia being his clear leader, to "all even" between Georgia, Clemson, and USC.

The coaching staff at the University of South Carolina not only laid out the red carpet for Cliff Matthews Saturday but they gave him as strong a welcome as any recruit could ever expect. They made it very clear to him how important he is to building a championship defense at the University of South Carolina. With the depth chart at the University of South Carolina, or should I say lack of, the opportunity of early playing time was made quite clear to him.

Coach Nix and Lawing addressed some issues that have been, should we say, misinformed information. Both coaches' shared their impressive resumes of current or former NFL players, and the many all-conference and player of the year players under their watch. Not only did the defensive staff spend some time with Cliff but Coach Spurrier personally toured the facilities with Cliff and made it clear to Cliff that he wants him to be a Gamecock. He of coursed reminded him of his many championships and how he won them with players like Cliff.

As of today ALL things are even on the Matthews front. The forecast is tough to call right now. Georgia has been his clear leader for a few months, and Clemson has been listed as second for sometime but the University of South Carolina has worked hard to let Cliff know he is a wanted man for their defense. It's all even now in the Matthews sweepstakes - a sweepstakes South Carolina is now definitely in the mix for.

Defense wins championships. Most championship defenses are built with two great bookends. One is in place for the University of South Carolina. Can they get the other? August 17 we will know that answer.

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