Meet David Reaves

With the departure of Rick Stockstill to Middle Tennessee State after the 2005 football season, USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier awarded 27 year old David Reaves with the huge responsibility of being the Gamecocks Recruiting Coordinator. Reaves shot out of the gate by helping the Gamecocks sign a solid 2006 class, and they are currently on track to sign one of the top classes in the nation in 2007.

Listen to this audio interview and read the accompanying story to gain insight into this young coach who is helping to build an exciting future for the Gamecock football program.

Last season, David Reaves spent his second year as a full-time coach and first year as an assistant coach under Steve Spurrier at the Ol' Ball Coach's right hand, working as the assistant quarterbacks coach. Spurrier must have liked what he saw, because this February he gave the 27 year old the keys to the future of the program - he named Reaves the Gamecocks' Recruiting Coordinator.

The majority of Division One Football Recruiting Coordinators are much older than Reaves, and some may have questioned giving a responsibility that huge to one so young. He is one of the youngest Coordinators in a high profile program in the country. However, Steve Spurrier has never been one to follow tradition, and you can't argue with his results.

You know, Spurrier, the guy who knows what others don't and can do things others can't, such as win a conference championship in football at Duke? Coach Spurrier trusted that David was equipped to handle the coordinator's job. Based on the caliber of recruits who have committed thus far, and those who are putting South Carolina high on their radar, anyone who at first may have questioned the promotion, are quickly realizing what Coach Spurrier already knew, this guy is good.

One of the things that makes David effective is that he grew up with Football all around him. His father, John Reaves, was an All-American quarterback at Florida, who later played some in the NFL. John Reaves went on to Coach as an assistant to Spurrier at Florida in the early 90's and was on the coaching staff here at Carolina from 96-97.

While his father was coaching at USC, David was enjoying success as a quarterback right across town at Spring Valley High School, and had more success as quarterback at Appalachian State. When I spoke to David recently, I asked him, besides obvious talent, what else does he look for when recruiting players to South Carolina? "You want to look at what kind of family they come from and their academics."

Coach Reaves went on to say, "We want to have guys that love the game and want to get a degree as well. We want good players who also want to graduate." With the 06 recruits now on campus, Coach Reaves made it clear what is next. "It is time to put all the beach stuff away and get out there and start practicing. We got some young guys, so we have a lot of Coaching to do."

With recruiting these days being a year round job, it is good to see that South Carolina has a young gun who is up to the task. Click the link to listen to the audio interview with David Reaves.

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