Jasper Brinkley Looking for "Firsts" at USC

Jasper Brinkley turned heads as soon as he stepped on the field in a Gamecock uniform this spring. Keep reading how accomplishing "firsts" at USC led to his decision to become a Gamecock, and what his personal goals for this season are.

The 6'2" 255 pound middle linebacker transferred to USC from Georgia Military College, and made an immediate statement with his aggressive play during spring practice.

"I wanted to come here where they've never won an SEC title, never won a national championship. I want to be one of the first people to do that." Brinkley said. "That was my reason for coming here. I want to be a part of making something happen where it's never happened before. I feel this is the place where I can do that."

Brinkley sets high goals for himself and the Carolina defense: "My personal goals are to get the defense to be one of the top-ranked defenses in the country. As a defense, we need to work together to be the best defense that we can. It's the team – it's not just me. I can't take all the credit."

He found the same attitude of expectations from USC and the coaching staff when he arrived here. "Here, they expect you to take responsibility for yourself and your team. In a Division 1 program, you're on your own." Brinkley said. "In junior college, they kind of hold your hand a little bit, almost like high school. Here, its hands off – you've got to stand for yourself."

He was frank when discussing his own strengths and weaknesses, and what both he and the coaching staff at USC expect from him in those areas. "My strength as a player is I'm a downhill player. I don't like to drop off in pass coverage, but I will if I must. The coaches are looking for me to improve in dropping off in pass coverage, and trying to keep my weight around 255."

Jasper is excited about being reunited with his twin brother Casper, a 6-3 and 260 pound outside linebacker, turned defensive end, who transferred in this fall from Georgia Military. "Oh yeah, I'm very excited we're back together again."

Brinkley was asked about how comfortable he is in Coach Spurrier's system now. "I'm very comfortable. When I first got here, I was nervous, I didn't know what they expected, but now that I've been working with Coach Nix and the others I feel more comfortable."

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