Quick Hits With Fred Bennett

Senior cornerback Fred Bennett is the clear leader of the Gamecocks youth-filled secondary this season, but Bennett believes that the talent is still there to be successful. GamecockAnthem recently caught up with Bennett, and he shared his thoughts on what to expect from the Gameock defense in 2006 and much more.

Question: What are your expectations for yourself heading into this season?

Answers: My expectations are to come out and do what I can to help this team win as many games as possible.

Question: What do you believe that the defense, as a whole, is capable of this year?

Answer: I think our defense is capable of a lot. I think we can play at a very high level in this conference. We've got a lot of young players, and we've just got to get their confidence rolling. We've got a lot of new young players that have a lot of talent, but the world just hasn't seen it yet. We've just got to get their confidence up so we can go out there and let them play.

Question: What are your thoughts on some of the younger cornerbacks that are expected to see a lot of action this season?

Answer: I think we've got a lot of great young cornerbacks. They are still learning what college is like and college defense, so it's a learning process for them now. Last year it was a learning process for the whole defense, but for the upperclassmen this year, we know everything in the back of our minds. It's more a learning process for the young guys this year, but they are very good athletes.

Question: What is it like going up against Sidney Rice everyday in practice?

Answer: It's a great challenge. We both compete. He makes me better, and I make him better. We work on little things, and we tell each other little things here and there. So we just compete.

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