O.J. Murdock: "I'm Fully Dedicated Now"

Redshirt freshman wide receiver O.J. Murdock was the jewel of the 2005 Gamecock recruiting class, but after Coach Spurrier raised questions about his work ethic this offseason, fans wondered whether he would ever reach his full potential. Well, Murdock has responded by turning a lot of heads thus far in fall camp, and GamecockAnthem recently caught up with Murdock for an interview.

Question: Do you have any goals for the upcoming season?

Answer: I'm just trying to stay healthy and help my teammates get better.

Question: What area have you improved in the most during your first year here?

Answer: Probably running my routes better and getting open. That's the main focus and what I focused on in the offseason. That and just catching the ball.

Question: Coach Spurrier obviously called you out for missing some workouts this offseason. Do you have a response to that?

Answer: I missed a lot of workouts during the offseason, but I'm fully dedicated now, and I'm just ready to get the season on.

Question: What's it like working under Coach Spurrier Jr. as your position coach?

Answer: It's an awesome experience, and every day is a new day. You learn new stuff everyday. If it's film or out there on the field, you learn stuff everyday.

Question: Where do you see yourself fitting into the offense this season?

Answer: I think I fit in well. Wherever coach wants me at, I'm just here to make plays.

Question: How'd it feel to get some praise from Coach Spurrier after Saturday's scrimmage?

Answer: I wouldn't call it praise. He acknowledged me, and I'll just take it for what it is.

Question: Could we see you and Chris Smelley hooking up for a lot of touchdown passes in the future?

Answer: I hope so. He has a cannon for an arm. All of our quarterbacks here are great quarterbacks, and whoever starts this year will be a good candidate.

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