Coach Robert Gillespie Is Excited About 06'

Running Backs Coach Robert Gillespie has an impressive background that includes his playing days with the Florida Gators and the NFL's Washington Redskins. However, Gillespie is looking forward to his first year on the sidelines as the South Carolina Running Backs Coach in 2006. GamecockAnthem recently caught up with Coach Gillespie, and he shared his thoughts on the upcoming 2006 season.

Question: What are your thoughts on the running back stable for this upcoming season?

Answer: I think they are a good group of guys. They've all worked hard in the offseason and had a real good spring. They are all eager to get out there and show the world what they're about.

Question: Mike Davis is obviously the returning starter at tailback. What are you expecting from him this year?

Answer: I think he's taken on more of a leadership role. Last year he had the chance to make some freshman mistakes, but now he's become a leader off the field. The guys respect him, he understands the offense, and I expect him to be a guy that's going to be a physical runner and a lot more mature. He'll be a force in this offense.

Question: What are you expecting from Cory Boyd this season after coming off his one year suspension?

Answer: Cory's the kind of kid that feels like he has a lot to prove. He has a lot to prove, not only to his teammates and the fans, but he has a lot to prove to himself. So he's ready to be back out there, and he's hungry to go out there and make plays.

Question: Mike Davis and Cory Boyd may get most of the hype, but where does Bobby Wallace fit into the equation in the running back rotation?

Answer: I think that's where Bobby is going to surprise a lot of people, because those other two guys are getting all the attention. Bobby is a guy who does a lot of different things. With his size, he's a little quicker than probably both of those guys (Davis and Boyd), and I think he's a guy that is going to slowly emerge as an important part of this offense as the season goes on.

Question: What are you looking forward to the most heading into your first season as the running backs coach?

Answer: It's just exciting to be there on the sideline and being a bigger part of this offense. It's great just being able to see it click and being a part of it.

Question: What are you expecting from the offense this season?

Answer: I'm excited to see which young guys are going to step up. Last year it was the emergence of Sidney Rice, and I think this year we've got a couple guys that are right there on the edge that once they take that step, they're going to blow up. So I'm just excited to see which one of our players is going to step up and become the next great player in this offense or in this defense.

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