Scrimmage Report: Newton Back To Full Speed

The Gamecock football team went through their second of three pre-season scrimmages on Wednesday evening. The scrimmage was closed to the public and the media, but Coach Spurrier spoke with reporters afterward. Spurrier showed he is getting close to regular season form by being very tightlipped about the team's performance, but he gave Gamecock fans enough good news to get excited about.

"We did some practicing football," Spurrier said. "We probably did a few good things here and there. I don't know [who won]. It doesn't matter; we're all on the same team." He downplayed the importance of the scrimmage, saying, "[There is] nothing to get real excited about or real down about right now. We've practiced pretty well."

So far this fall, the Gamecocks have had pretty good luck on the injury front (knock on wood). Spurrier was pleased to report that the good fortune continued in the scrimmage. The only injury was to running back Cory Boyd, who suffered a slight facial injury. Spurrier explained the incident: "Cory ran over there and sorta cut his lip a little bit, or his nose or something. He got banged up there on one hard collision, but that was about the only injury we had, and he should be fine."

Better yet, Spurrier said Syvelle Newton appears to be playing at full strength, catching two touchdown passes. When asked to grade Newton's play compared to last year, Spurrier said, "He's about like last year. Syvelle had a good night. He ran some good routes and we were able to get him the ball a little bit."

Spurrier said the players continue to sort themselves out on the depth chart. Ryan Succop has separated himself from the other kickers, Spurrier said. "Ryan's been kicking well. If we had to kick tomorrow he would most likely do all the kicking."

On offense, Chris Smelley inched closer to claiming the backup quarterback spot. "Chris, when he's out there, the ball seems to go up and down the field. He just needs to learn a lot." Cade Thompson struggled again, and Blake Mitchell continued to hold onto the starting role. Tommy Beecher returned to action after missing time with a thumb injury. He played well, tossing two touchdowns.

Several younger players also saw extensive action in the scrimmage. In addition to Beecher, players like Foxy Foxworth, Alex McGrath, Bryan Kingrey, and David Laggis all saw significant action. Spurrier explained his philosophy for the scrimmage, saying, "We're trying to find out who our best players are, so we've got one more dress rehearsal." The team will scrimmage again next Tuesday



Mitchell 9-15 2 INT 2 TD 126 yds

Thompson 4-10 1 INT 40 yds

Smelley 10-16 1 TD 181 yds

Beecher 3-6 2 TD 44 yds


Davis 7-42

Boyd 6-45

Stafford 1-2

Mitchell 1-(-4)

Wallace 7-9 TD

Lucas 4-20

Rank 1-(-6)

Kingrey 5-(-3)

Smelley 3-(-15)

Thompson 3-(-25)


Rice 2-62

Newton 4-63 2 TD

McKinley 1-18

Wallace 1-8

Foxworth 1-10 TD

Cook 2-38

Davis 1-10

Rank 1-15

Brown, Moe 1-45 TD

Laggis 2-15

Brown, Freddie 2-32

Pavlovic 2-14

McGrath 1-9

Hayes 1-8

Kingrey 1-8

Hail 3-36 TD

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