Kevin Young: "A Whole Different Experience"

Offensive lineman Kevin Young was dominating the trenches at the high school level last season, but the adjustment to the college game has been a whole different animal. Young is competing for a spot on the two deep at right guard in fall camp, and GamecockAnthem recently caught up with Young for an interview.

Question: Can you talk about practice so far?

Answer: The first week of practice has been a little difficult learning Coach Spurrier's offense, and I'm still making mental errors, but that's the whole thing about learning. You learn by your mistakes, and right now I'm working as hard as I can.

Question: What kind of playing time do you expect to see this year?

Answer: You can never be guaranteed playing time, and it's all about how hard you work and effort. Right now I'm still making mistakes, but I'm still working as hard as I can.

Question: Do you have a friendly rivalry with Garrett Anderson?

Answer: We help each other out. There's really no rivalry right there. We're both learning our plays, and we're both helping each other out. It comes down to the best of the best.

Question: What's your current height and weight?

Answer: Right now, I'm 6'5 and 320 (pounds)… They wanted me at 325, but now I'm trying to stay around 320.

Question: What's the adjustment like going from playing high school football last year to playing against SEC caliber competition this season?

Answer: Coming to the SEC from high school is a whole different experience. It's a lot faster game, a lot bigger guys. There is no more domination. It's more you're playing with the best of the best, basically.

Question: Do you have any goals for your freshman season?

Answer: Right now, just to learn the system. I really don't want to make them (goals) too high, but I'm trying as hard as I can. If I get to play then I get to play, but right now, it's just learning the system.

Question: What's it like working under Offensive Line Coach John Hunt?

Answer: Coach Hunt, he's a great coach. He's got all the perfect technique, and I really like him as a coach. You couldn't ask for a better line coach.

Question: Are any of the older players taking you under their wing and teaching you how to do things?

Answer: Yea, definitely the right tackle, Justin Sorenson. He's helped me out a lot. Garrett Anderson, we're working together. Other fellow right guards, like James Thompson, are helping me a lot too.

Question: Is it pretty much a given that you're going to play this year?

Answer: You can't really tell right now. Once you learn the system, we'll see what happens in the end.

Question: Are you beginning to feel more comfortable?

Answer: I'm starting to get it right now. Everyday we're adding new plays and different techniques. Just everything is brand new to me.

Question: Have the coaches told you how many true freshman linemen they plan on playing this year?

Answer: Not yet, but I don't know what's going to go down with that yet.

Question: How would you describe yourself as a player?

Answer: Right now, strong but not strong enough to play in the SEC yet, speed, technique. I have to step up to a whole different level right now, so there's all sorts of things to come yet. This is SEC college football, so it's not high school ball anymore.

Question: How is Seaver Brown adjusting so far?

Answer: He's doing well. He's got a lot to learn, just like all the other freshmen. He's doing well, but he'll probably redshirt for the first year.

Question: How gratifying is it to get it right and see players like Sidney Rice or Cory Boyd make a big play as a result?

Answer: We've got great players on this team. We've got great talent, and when you see a Cory Boyd or a Sidney Rice cross your eyes, your just kind of like "whoa."

Question: Is there one player on the defense that you really dread going up against?

Answer: I would say Marque (Hall). I've had enough of him this week.

Question: What's it like being a player under Coach Spurrier?

Answer: I'm playing for one of the best coaches in college football history, period. That's just an awesome thing. I always grew up a Florida fan. This was my only choice out of state, and I'm just happy to be here. This is the place to be.

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