Sidney Rice: Stronger and Faster

Wide receiver Sidney Rice entered last season as an unknown redshirt freshman, but after breaking onto the national stage and totaling 1,143 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2005, what could he possibly do for an encore in his sophomore campaign? recently caught up with Rice, and he shared his thoughts on the upcoming season. Read inside for more.

Question: You obviously had a fantastic freshman season in 2005, but what are your expectations for yourself heading into this year?

Answer: I have no expectations for myself right now. It's just more of a team thing. I'm focused on helping my team succeed and winning more games this year.

Question: What are you expecting from the offense, as a whole, this season?

Answer: I'm hoping we'll do a lot better than we did last year. Blake (Mitchell) has gotten bigger, faster, and stronger. On the other side of me, we've got Kenny McKinley. We've got freshmen like Moe Brown at receiver and Jared Cook at tight end. Also, helping Mike Davis out in the backfield, we've got Cory Boyd back.

Question: What areas have you improved in the most since last season?

Answer: Just being more physical, getter stronger and faster, and being ready to play in the SEC.

Question: What do you expect to see from opposing defenses in 2006?

Answers: A lot of jamming and trying to get you off the line. So just being a lot stronger is the thing that is probably going to help me the most.

Question: You look like you've picked up right where you left off in the Independence Bowl so far. Do you feel good about where you are right now?

Answer: Everything is going fine. I just try to come out here and try not to lose a step. A lot of people lose steps in the offseason by trying to relax and things like that. So I'm just trying to keep everything going from where I left off.

Question: Can you talk about the contingency of upstate wide receivers with you, Freddie Brown, Noah Whiteside, and Moe Brown. Is it all kind of gelling?

Answer: We always joke around with the other players. We'll yell out, "upstate, upstate." They've always got something to say, so we just mess around with them sometimes.

Question: Is there one game that you are looking forward to the most this season?

Answer: No, I'm just ready to start the season.

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