Syvelle Newton: "I'm Ready"

Versatile athlete Syvelle Newton has worked diligently to rehab his injured achilles this offseason, and despite skepticism about his return from fans and media, it appears that Newton is ready to get back on the field for the 2006 season. Newton shares his thoughts on his recovery and much more in this interview with

Question: With your ability to play several positions, do you think you will be limited with your injury, or can you do all of that?

Answer: Right now, I feel like I can go out, and if coach tells me to get back there and play quarterback, I feel I can go play quarterback. If he tells me to play running back, I can go play running back. Either way you put me at right now, I feel good enough to go play at any one of those positions.

Question: Do you have a favorite position?

Answer: My favorite position has always been quarterback, but we've got a great quarterback, and we've also got two great young quarterbacks. Right now I'm just trying to help out that receiver corp and make it as strong as it was last year.

Question: How much are you trying to position yourself for a professional future right now?

Answer: That's a long term thing, and even though this is my senior year and that could be coming up soon, right now I'm just looking for it as what can I do to help the team. Most of the time, the people who go out and help their team are the ones that get seen for the next level. So right now I'm just looking to go out and help the team at any position I can.

Question: Have doctors told you when you will truly return to 100 percent?

Answer: There's no deadline or no set time when I'll reach 100 percent. Right now I feel great. I'm going out running, and I feel a little bit slower, but I feel still like I have the same moves from what I had last year. I'll just pick up a little more speed, and that's going to come along down the road. Right now, I'm just getting used to playing football again on my achilles.

Question: In your mind, are you as fast as you were before you got injured?

Answer: I try to picture me being as fast as I was, but I know personally and I can see it on film that I'm really not as fast as I was. I've still got the same moves and I'm as quick as I was. Peter Warrick was a 4.7 (forty yard dash) guy, but he was quick and he got open. I feel if I run a 4.6 or 4.7 (forty yard dash) I'll be able to get open.

Question: Do you think it will take getting hit once or twice in a real game to get over the mental aspect of your recovery?

Answer: No, I'm never scared of getting hit. That's not a problem with it. It's just getting out here and competing with my teammates. I've got great teammates. Going against those guys will get me ready for the season. Right now I'm just going against those guys in one-on-ones and team and participating in full practice. That'll get me ready to play for the season.

Question: So this is your last year in a USC uniform, and you have no plans of redshirting?

Answer: No, I'm ready. This is my last year. I'm ready to get out in front of all the fans again and go out and help my team the best way I can and just have a great season and go out as a winner.

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