Seth Edwards: Hard Work Pays Off

Offensive guard Seth Edwards, a redshirt senior, has lived the humble life of a walk-on for three seasons, but on Monday, his dream was finally realized. All of his unsung hard work and dedication over the past three years was rewarded, as he was recognized by Head Coach Steve Spurrier and awarded a scholarship, along with four of his fellow teammates.

Edwards, who measures in at 6'3 and 281 pounds, is currently competing for a spot on the two deep at left guard, and caught up with him for a brief interview after practice on Monday.

Question: How does it feel to be awarded a scholarship after all your years of hard work?

Answer: It's a great feeling. I'm absolutely elated. It's been a lot of hard work. After all these years of practicing, just staying here and being able to earn a scholarship is something else. I‘m just real happy for Greg (Wright) and Brett (Nichols). Getting a scholarship for yourself is just awesome, but seeing one of your teammates get one is even more incredible. It's a special thing.

Question: How much playing time do you think you'll see this year?

Answer: Whatever they want me to do. I'm just doing what the team asks me to do.

Question: Where are you on the depth chart right now?

Answer: I'm backing up T.C. (Thomas Coleman) right now.

Question: Did you see this coming, and were you expecting to be awarded a scholarship?

Answer: Not really. You don't worry about things like this. If they happen, they happen. You just keep working and working and doing what the teams asks you to do. This is just a bonus. Being able to play in an SEC football game is awesome enough, but being put on scholarship is just icing on the cake. It feels really good.

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