Mike Davis: Comfortable In Year Two

Sophomore tailback Mike Davis suffered through some growing pains as a true freshman last season, but the Columbia (SC) native says he is extremely comfortable in his role heading into 2006. GamecockAnthem.com caught up with Davis for an interview after the Gamecocks scrimmage on Tuesday evening, and he shared his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Question: How are you feeling now after recovering from your foot infection?

Answer: I'm feeling good. My foot's doing good, and I'm just glad to be back with the team.

Question: What do you think you've improved on the most since last season?

Answer: Just being more patient and being more confident.

Question: Are you more comfortable in the offense now than you were last year?

Answer: I'm really more comfortable in the offense. The offensive line is doing good, the backfield is doing good, and the wide receivers are doing good. I'm real comfortable.

Question: Does Cory Boyd's return affect you at all?

Answer: It's no different. He just brings another presence in the backfield, and that should really help us.

Question: Has Boyd taught you anything as an older player?

Answer: Yeah, he's a real good leader out there. He knows his plays. He helps me, I help him.

Question: What are your thoughts on the offensive line compared to last year?

Answer: The offensive line last year had more years under them, but the offensive line we have this year is really athletic. It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen.

Question: Have you seen the offense progress since the start of fall camp?

Answer: It has progressed. A lot of it is just getting in the groove of the offense, and now the freshmen are getting in the groove of the offense.

Question: How excited are you that two-a-days are finally over?

Answer: I'm real excited. You're not real tired anymore, so we're just going to get into the season, and we're ready to do that.

Question: Are you excited to get past training camp and actually game plan for a team you're going to play?

Answer: Yeah, I'm real excited to start the season. I'm real excited to just run behind the offensive line and the team we've got now.

Question: Do you ever get tired of hitting your own players?

Answer: Not really. A lot of them talk, but it's always just competition.

Question: What are your thoughts on Running Backs Coach Robert Gillespie?

Answer: He's a great coach. He really knows the offense. He's a really great coach, and I like being with him.

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