Stephen Garcia Radio Interview Transcript 4-star rated quarterback Stephen Garcia was a special guest on "The Sports Drive" radio show with Rich Taylor on Wednesday afternoon. For those that live out of town or could not tune in on Wednesday, we have transcribed this exclusive interview with the talented signal-caller. All Gamecock fans will enjoy this, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

The following is the question and answer transcript between Rich Taylor and Stephen Garcia during Wednesday's edition of "The Sports Drive" radio show on 93.1 FM in Columbia, SC:

Rich Taylor: Stephen, how are you doing buddy?

Stephen Garcia: What's going on. How are you doing?

RT: Hey man, it's great to have you on. By the way, you're one of the most popular people in Columbia, even though you live 600 miles away. People here love you man.

SG: That's awesome. I loved it when I went up there too. It was real fun. I enjoyed every bit of it.

RT: Tell us a little bit. I know you started the season with a bang this past Friday night, and you guys got a big win. I know you're going to be on national TV coming up here on the 15th of September against Armwood, who is one of your biggest rivals. How are you playing so far? Do you feel good about your game?

SG: Yes, I felt real good. I mean I made a couple of mistakes, a couple mental mistakes, and a couple of misreads, but overall I did pretty well. I threw for 270 (yards) and three touchdowns and played about three quarters worth of plays, so I think I had a pretty good game. The main thing is that the team won pretty big. It was a real fun way to start the season off, and I'm getting ready to play that Armwood game on September 15.

RT: Yeah, I know that's a huge game for both of your clubs. Let me ask you, I guess the only negative on Friday was, from what I hear, you didn't quite stick the landing on the cartwheel. (Laughs)

SG: Yeah, well that was a mistake. I shouldn't have done that. You know, I was just having fun. I heard it from the coaches though. The coaches all gave me a hard time. Oh well.

RT: That's true. You can't take it back, so just have fun with it. Stephen, what is it about South Carolina that obviously you like so much? I'm sure it all starts with the master offensive mind in all of college football, Head Coach Steve Spurrier.

SG: Yes, definitely. That's one of the major assets that he's there. What other quarterback coach would you want to play for? Other than that, I'm just very comfortable with the whole coaching staff in general, and a lot of their players I'm also very comfortable with. When I went up there both times, the fans were just amazing. It's the first day of practice and it's pouring down rain and there's two thousand people there. You know, the spring game there was fifteen thousand people there, and it was soaking wet. That just really impressed me a lot, and the town is a very, very big college town, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

RT: Stephen, I can tell you being a guy that grew up here. I can tell you without reservation that if you come here to play football, there will not be any other place, and this is just speaking the truth, there's no other place in the country you could go where you will get any more love from the fan base. I mean this place is dying for a guy like Steve Spurrier to come in and make winners out of the Gamecocks. I'm sure the opportunity to come to a place and maybe begin a true football tradition of excellence, it's something that South Carolina hasn't had before Steve Spurrier. It's got to be kind of a carrot there for you, something that sounds good to be a part of the beginning of something great.

SG: Oh yeah, definitely. Without a doubt. That's one of the first things they told me when I went up there. All the other schools I'm looking into have winning traditions and all that. Interestingly enough, South Carolina hasn't really had one of those, and I think that's pretty cool because you want to be the guy that leads them to the SEC Championship and hopefully a BCS National Championship, and it would be very exciting to do that for the first time in school history.

RT: Stephen, are you old enough to remember another guy named Stephen that played quarterback at South Carolina by the name of Steve Taneyhill?

SG: Yeah, I hear it every single time I'm up there. As a matter of fact, I was just talking with them over here about that. It's pretty crazy.

RT: I'm just curious, do you guys have the same barber?

SG: (Laughs) No, I don't have a barber at all.

RT: I hear you. Well look, I appreciate you taking the time my man. I just want to ask you a couple more things, and we'll let you go practice to get ready for the game coming up on Friday. The first one is, I understand that you and Clemson commitment, Willy Korn, who is just a great guy, a great kid, and a great quarterback, really became fast friends out at the Elite 11 Camp. From what I hear, Willy is really encouraging you to play at South Carolina, so you guys can meet once a year in one of the biggest intra-state rivalries in the country.

SG: Yes, definitely. I talk to him probably once or twice a week since the Elite 11 (camp). The first time I went up to the Elite 11, everybody else was playing video games. Then I walk in there and put in Braveheart (the movie), and he was the first guy to go over there and start watching it with me. Ever since then we've just been friends and been talking on the phone once or twice a week. He's a great guy, great personality, real down to earth, and that's what's real special about him. He's not very egocentric or anything like that, and he's going to be a great college player. I hope he goes to the next level after that too, and if he keeps doing what he's doing, he probably will.

RT: Are you going to watch him on Saturday against Glades Central?

SG: Yes, I'm definitely going to watch that. I'm going to give him a call after practice tonight and wish him luck and just talk to him about how his feelings are for the game.

RT: Alright, the last thing I wanted to do, and you understand Stephen, this is only out of respect for you, because I want to give you every opportunity to do what you'd like to do. So there's not any chance you just want to go ahead and end all the speculation and go ahead live on the show and commit to the Gamecocks, do you? (Busts out laughing)

SG: (Laughs) No, I can't do that yet. Not yet.

RT: Alright, I thought I'd give it a shot, because you don't know if you don't ask. Hey look, I can tell you, everybody is talking about you up here. Everybody is following your season. Best of luck on Friday. Best of luck on that national TV game on September 15. I can guarantee you where all Gamecocks will be tuned to on September 15. That'll be to see you play against Armwood. Have a great season buddy, and thanks for being on the show.

SG: Thank you very much. I appreciate you for having me.

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