Emanuel Cook: Growing Up Fast

Freshman safety Emanuel Cook is one of the most impressive physical specimens on the team, but he will need to grow up fast this season, as he will be asked to play a key role in the Gamecock secondary. The hard-hitting Cook has been tried at both safety and linebacker this fall, but it appears he will find a home at safety. Cook recently shared his thoughts on his progress with GamecockAnthem.

Question: What are your expectations for yourself heading into this season?

Answer: I expect to work hard and compete for a starting position.

Question: How would you describe yourself as a player?

Answer: I'm fast, strong, smart, quick to the ball, and I'm just learning everything right now.

Question: How would you describe fall camp so far?

Answer: It's been all right, a lot of hard work. We've had enthusiasm, and we're just trying to work hard.

Question: Are you beginning to feel more comfortable with the defense now?

Answer: I'm picking it up a little better. I've got some things I need to learn, and it's going to take time, but it's what I've got right now.

Question: You have been tried out at both safety and linebacker now. Do you have a preference?

Answer: I played linebacker in high school, but I'm comfortable at both.

Question: What are your thoughts on the defense as a whole for this season?

Answer: We're pretty fast. I can't really tell right now, because we haven't played a game yet, but we'll see when Mississippi State comes up.

Question: Have any of the older linebackers taken you under their wing and shown you the ropes?

Answer: Yeah, I've been talking to Cody (Wells) and (Gerrod) Sinclair, and they've been telling me how to do plays, box cut, and everything. I'm learning.

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