Quick Hits With Cory Boyd

Junior running back Cory Boyd is one of the clear leaders of the 2006 South Carolina football team. The versatile offensive threat will play a key role in the Gamecock offense, and he appears primed for a breakout season. GamecockAnthem.com recently caught up with Boyd, and he shared his thoughts on fall camp, the season opener against Mississippi State, and much more.

Question: What do you believe you have improved the most on during fall camp?

Answer: I don't know. I can't really say right now. It's camp, you're body is getting bumped a and bruised, and you really don't know what you've improved on until come game time and you really get in the flow of things. I'd say we really just got a little smarter on what we need to do and stronger and faster on everything.

Question: How does this year's offensive line compare to previous units?

Answer: There's really no comparison there. Everybody's a good player. You really can't pinpoint certain players. We lost a couple of players from last year, but the young guys are very focused and mature about what they need to do. I'm just glad to have them out there ready to compete at any stakes.

Question: What are you looking forward to most about the Mississippi State game?

Answer: Just to see how the line comes out and responds to it. They're kind of young, and Mississippi State has very good veterans out there. They've got a lot of confidence going with them, and they've got the togetherness, but hopefully we can just go out there and do what we've got to do.

Question: After seeing everyone progress during fall camp, what do expect from the offense this season?

Answer: We've got a lot more key players that are stepping up, and if one man goes down, we've always got someone to fill in. We've got Syvelle back, got the quarterbacks back, got a good running game, a good passing game, and we've got a good line, so hopefully we can just go out there, put it all together, and show the nation that we can be a good offense.

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