Kenny McKinley: "It's Going To Be Lights Out"

Sophomore Kenny McKinley had a solid freshman campaign in 2005, but he is looking to take his game to a whole new level this season. McKinley has established himself as the #2 receiver on the team behind Sidney Rice in fall practice, and he is looking to carry that production over to game days. recently caught up with McKinley for an interview.

Question: A lot has been made about how young this team is, but I get the feeling that you guys are ready to play?

Answer: Oh yeah, even though we're young, it seems like we played together last year and people played together the year before. So we're young, but we're kind of a young experienced team. Last year was like a learning phase, and this year we're coming in knowing more of our assignments. Coach (Spurrier) is giving us more stuff now, because we've got down the basics, and now we're getting to the real scheme of the offense. I think we're young, but we're definitely a team to reckon with.

Question: Despite losing the final two games of last season, has the team talked much about keeping the five game SEC winning streak alive?

Answer: No, we never talk about that at all. Mostly we focus on the two games that we did lose and how we could have not lost them, because we were right there in both games, and we should have really won them. That's mostly what Coach (Spurrier) focuses on with the games we lost, so we'll learn from the mistakes.

Question: If the offensive line can get the job done up front, this seems to be a very talented team skill position wise. Do you think this offense can put up some big points this year?

Answer: We've got some athletes from the running backs to the receivers and the quarterbacks. We've got some athletes out here. The line is getting better each and every week, so if the line gets their stuff together and gives Blake (Mitchell) a little time to throw the ball, it's going to be lights out.

Question: After all the losses on the defensive side of the ball from last year, what are your thoughts on this defense after having faced them for several weeks in fall camp now?

Answer: The defense is going to be ready this year. That's basically what Coach (Spurrier) has been focusing on in the offseason. He says they missed too many tackles last year, so basically they've been doing a lot of tackling drills. We've got some hard hitters that came to the team. The twins, Jap (Jasper Brinkley) and Cap (Casper Brinkley). Man, if we had them last year, I don't know what the defense would have looked like, but those boys are out there hitting. A lot of the new players we've got coming in, they've been doing some hitting out there.

Question: Are you looking forward to kicking the season off against Mississippi State?

Answer: Oh yeah, I'm ready to get the season on.

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