Syvelle Newton Is Feeling Great After Return

Wide receiver Syvelle Newton made his much anticipated return from an achilles injury on Thursday night against Mississippi State, and Newton looked like his old self as he threw the game's only touchdown pass on a trick play to Cory Boyd. caught up with Newton, and he shared his thoughts on the first game performance.

Interview performed by Rich Taylor

Question: How good did it feel to get back out there?

Answer: Yeah, that felt great just to get back out there. God gave me a chance to do it again. It just felt great to me.

Question: Talk about the trick play you guys ran to score the one touchdown of the night?

Answer: We just felt like everybody was out there executing on Sidney (Rice) and trying to keep Sidney in hand. I guess Coach Spurrier saw something, and we worked on that play and we just went out and executed it right.

Question: Do you want to see more snaps at quarterback now?

Answer: Blake (Mitchell) is a great quarterback, and also (Chris) Smelley. He came in and did a way better job than most freshmen usually do in that type of situation. I'll just be ready whenever coach calls my number.

Question: Was it frustrating with all of the talent on the offense to only get one touchdown against Mississippi State?

Answer: We've got a lot of talent. Every team usually struggles their first game, and then our first game was an SEC team. Most teams who go out, their first game isn't really that competitive. Mississippi State was popping. They're good. I look for them to be pretty good this year.

Question: How special was it for you to come back after your injury and throw the first touchdown pass of the season?

Answer: Me coming back, that's a blessing from God. At times I thought I wasn't going to make it and I wasn't going to play football again, but God just gave me the strength to get back out and do it. For me to come back out and get a chance to make a play like that, I just give all the thanks to Him. It felt great to get out there with my teammates once again.

Question: How do you feel physically right now?

Answer: I feel great. The trainers keep up with me, and every time they ask if I'm all right. My foot isn't bothering me any, and I just hope it stays that way all season.

Question: Game speed is obviously a lot different than practice. Are you pleased with how you performed out there?

Answer: Of course the game was moving way faster than at practice, because both teams were anxious to get out. Mississippi State, their defense was great, and they were moving pretty fast. We practice fast, but we really don't practice against each other as fast as game tempo.

Question: How does it feel to have a six game SEC winning streak?

Answer: It feels great. We're getting ready to go play against a great Georgia team, and we've just got to get prepared for them right now. Mississippi State was a great team, good luck to them on their season, but it's going to be tough in the SEC. We've got a lot of improvement to do.

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