Blake Mitchell: Back To Full Speed

Quarterback Blake Mitchell sustained a laceration on his leg while playing against Mississippi State this past Thursday, and the injury required 6-7 stitches to sew up. After sitting out a couple of practices for precautionary reasons, Mitchell says that he is now back to full speed. Read inside for the full interview.

Question: How's your leg feeling right now?

Answer: It's not really bothering me anymore. It'll be fine by Saturday.

Question: Being from Georgia, is this game more special for you than the other ones?

Answer: Not really. I mean I definitely want to win it, but we practice and I practice for this game just like I would any other. We're going to go out there Saturday and give it our best shot.

Question: How's your leg holding up in practice?

Answer: It's going well. It hasn't really bothered me any. It might be a little sore after practice, but other than that, it's fine. It'll be ready to go come Saturday.

Question: What exactly happened to your leg when you got hurt?

Answer: I had a pretty good sized hole in my leg, I guess you could say. I think I got stepped on, but I don't know. You can't see it on film. I didn't know what happened. I just looked down and saw the gash.

Question: What are your thoughts on the Brinkley brothers?

Answer: During camp even when Coach (Spurrier) would tell them not to go hard, they'd come flying in there. They'd get in trouble some times, but they play full speed. Especially Jasper, he's a hard hitter.

Question: Is it nice to see them harassing opposing teams now?

Answer: Oh yeah, they're head-hunters over there. They're looking to get a big hit. They played well this past Thursday, and I think they'll play well this Saturday.

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