Matt Raysor: Life On The O-Line

Redshirt sophomore Matt Raysor is currently in the midst of making the transition from defensive tackle to offensive guard in hopes that his presence will provide some much needed depth along the offensive line. caught up with Raysor, and he described how he is adjusting to the new position thus far.

Question: How's the adjustment to the offensive line going so far?

Answer: So far I really have to learn the playbook, because the offense talks way different than the defense. Right now I'm in the playbook, and I hit it about 9:30 every morning. So everything is coming along pretty good so far.

Question: Where are you on the depth chart right now?

Answer: Next week I'm starting with the second team on the offensive line. This week I'm working in with the scout team.

Question: Do you like this move?

Answer: At first I had to think about it, because I've played D-line all my life, but if you want to get on the field, I had to make the change.

Question: Have you ever played on the offensive line before?

Answer: No sir, never.

Question: What's going to be the biggest difference for you?

Answer: Blocking, I've never had to block.

Question: Do you ever get the urge to tackle one of your new offensive teammates since you've had that defensive mindset for so long?

Answer: (Laughs) No, but we did one on one pass rushing drills today, and I kind of wanted to be on the defensive side of the ball, because the boys on defense seemed to be having a lot of fun. On offense we weren't really doing too well, so I kind of wanted to be on the defensive side of the ball today.

Question: Did the need for help along the offensive line help you decide to make the transition?

Answer: Really, right now I want to do anything I can to help the team.

Question: What position are you working at along the offensive line?

Answer: Left guard.

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